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Revenge Season 2: Whose Hands Are Crawling Up the Dock in the Cast Promotional Picture? (PHOTO)

We have to admit that we were so blown away by the sheer awesomeness that is the Revenge Season 2 promotional group photo, that we didn’t see the creepy arms clutching the dock right below Jack Porter.

But now that we’ve noticed them, there’s pretty much nothing else we can look at except maybe Victoria’s alternative dress color choice. They look like woman’s arms, but, honestly, they could belong to anyone.

Here are the potential arm owners:

Our Prediction:

Kara Wallace Clarke

We all know that Emily Thorne’s estranged mother is set to come back in Season 2. The character is supposed to have “deep psychological issues” and cause Emily to question all of her own actions and motives. With this dominating presence looming in the back of everyone’s mind, it makes sense that she would be the one creeping into the cast photo.

Other Suspects:

Lydia Davis

We know that Lydia definitely died, but maybe the hands are meant to symbolize her presence from beyond the grave. She did play a big part in Conrad’s life, and her death could have more of an impact than we originally thought.

Aiden Mathias

Like most things in Emily’s life, her new love interest has a troublesome past. We have a feeling their romance won’t be filled with candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach. The arms are also directly below Jack Porter aka Emily’s childhood sweetheart. Could this indicate that Aiden causes problems in their relationship?

White-Haired Man

When we last saw him, the White-Haired Man was supposedly placing some explosives in the cargo holder on Victoria Grayson’s plane. He may skip town for a few days, but now that he knows who Emily Thorne is, he probably won’t stay away for long.

New Unknown Villain

Actress Emily VanCamp recently teased a new villain who “broadens the definition of revenge in that he takes it beyond the Graysons and moves it into a whole other realm for Emily.” This newbie could be clamoring up the dock to cause a whole new brand of chaos.

Who do you think those arms belong to? Tell us below!

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09.14.2012 / 10:47 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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