Was It Wrong For Jenelle Evans to Take Kieffer Back After He Called Her the C-Word?
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Was It Wrong For Jenelle Evans to Take Kieffer Back After He Called Her the C-Word?

Time to check in on our favorite firecracker, Jenelle Evans, because things are getting all kinds of real in her Uggtastic world.

The good? Jenelle and her wayward boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, are back together after the shortest breakup ever. The bad? Kieffer said some really hurtful things during said breakup. The ugly? Jenelle is still addicted to seafood Alfredo without the seafood.

We're thrilled that our favorite dream team has reunited, but slightly shocked that Jenelle took her man back so quickly — especially in light of the cruel things he said about her parenting. Kieffer was clearly emotional after his breakup with Teen Mom 2's resident hottie, and he took it to Twitter to hit her where it hurts.

"Jenelle is the biggest c*** I've ever met in my life," Kieffer tweeted. "I hope she never gets Jace back."

We can maybe get over Kieffer's use of the "c-word" (it's just who he is, sigh), but his remark about Jace was extreme. Jenelle has been trying to regain custody of her son for years, and she's finally getting her life back on track to the point where it might actually happen. For Kieffer to say something so cruel is completely unacceptable!

Do you think it was wrong for Jenelle to forgive Kieffer for bringing her son into their fight, or do you admire her ability to forgive and forget?

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