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Who Is Dean Geyer? 5 Things to Know About Rachel’s Sexy Love Interest on Glee

When Dean Geyer shows up on Glee Season 4 this fall, he’s going to make Rachel (Lea Michele) seriously question how much she wants to sit around and wait for Finn (Cory Monteith). Dean is set to play Brody Weston, a dashing upperclassman at NYADA who apparently “shows an interest” in the young Miss Berry.

Still doubting how any man could truly drive a wedge between Finchel? The more you learn more about the actor behind Brody, you might see the possibility! Here are five things to know about new Glee series regular Dean Geyer.

1. Get ready for a hot accent! Dean is Australian... by way of South Africa.

26-year-old Dean was born in South Africa, but moved across the globe to Australia at age 15. So what sort of accent does that make for, anyway? Sadly, Glee fans might not even get a chance to hear.

Dean appears to drop his accent for most film and TV roles (sad face!), but we were able to track down a video of the blue-eyed Aussie speaking in his normal inflection. Based on the video, we’d say Dean’s accent is fully Australian. Bet he can still turn on a South African accent when he tries, though!

2. He spent his last gig fighting dinosaurs. (Well, sort of.)

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Before landing his role on Glee, Dean was last seen on fellow FOX show Terra Nova. Helmed by none other than Steven Spielberg, the hour-long sci-fi drama told the story of a colony of time travelers who headed back to the era of the dinosaurs in hopes of creating a better world. Dean played a young soldier named Mark Reynolds, who was the boyfriend of one of the show’s main characters. Terra Nova was canceled last year after only one season, so we’re glad to see Dean land at another show so soon.

3. He’s a martial arts pro — with a soap opera background


Though he’s fairly new to U.S. TV and movies, Dean got his start as an actor on the Australian soap, Neighbors, back in 2009. After moving stateside, he landed a leading role in the 2011 martial arts film Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown. We never saw it, but judging from the movie cover alone, there was a lot of shirtlessness involved.

4. Not just another tough guy: Dean’s a singer-songwriter, too!

Based on the information so far, Dean may seem like is a better fit for Teen Wolf than a show like Glee. But never fear: Dean will definitely be able to hold his own at a place like NYADA. Before moving to the U.S., this aspiring singer-songwriter actually came in 3rd place during the 2006 season of Australian Idol.

Dean released his debut album, Rush, in May 2007. His single, “If You Don’t Mean It,” came out that same year. Take a listen below (and remember: this was over 5 years ago. So please just try to ignore his unfortunate hair.)

5. Sorry, ladies. He’s taken.

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Dean is currently dating a 28-year-old actress Jillian Murray, his co-star in Never Back Down 2, who you might also recognize as MacKenzie Falls mean girl Portlyn on Disney’s Sonny With a Chance. They often tweet at each other from their Twitter accounts @JillianMurray and @geyerdean, and even post cute TwitPics together. It’s pretty much adorable.

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