Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Accidental Tweets: Oops, I Tweeted Again!
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Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Accidental Tweets: Oops, I Tweeted Again!

There are pros and cons to celebrity tweeting. On the plus side, fans can really connect with their favorite stars. On the other hand, a topless photo (or two) may “accidentally” go public, or network producers may yell at major TV stars for “accidentally” tweeting huge spoilers.

Here are a few of our favorite “Oopsies!” tweets from stars who’ve been caught TWF (Tweeting While Famous).

Alison Pill
On September 12, the Newsroom star had some “technical difficulties” with her phone, and claims that she accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself instead of deleting it. On the bright side, she gained 1,000 new Twitter followers in one day!

Patrick Dempsey
The Grey’s Anatomy hunk forced ABC execs to scramble after he tweeted photos of Eric Dane from the Season 9 set this summer. Fans knew that Eric would be leaving the show, but they didn’t know that he’d made it out of the Season 8 finale alive. Patrick accidentally revealed one of the biggest plot points of the premiere, and he has since apologized. McDreamily, of course.

Gary Shirley
Gary is the baby daddy of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s daughter, Leah. The couple spent most of their reality show stint fighting, eventually battling over custody. In December 2011, Gary tweeted that he’d been granted full custody of Leah, only to delete it after realizing he’d given away one of the biggest spoilers of Teen Mom’s final season.

Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Accidental Tweets: Oops, I Tweeted Again!
Credit: TMZ    

Tori Spelling
In November 2011, Tori’s husband Dean McDermott tweeted a few adorable photos of their son Liam, only realizing later that he’d included a primo shot of Tori’s impressive decolletage.

Phoebe Tonkin
When the Vampire Diaries star was on the since-canceled The Secret Circle, she tweeted a photo of Chris Zylka on the set, way before fans knew that he would be returning. It was an enormous spoiler at the time.

Kevin McKidd
While we’re on the topic of Grey's Anatomy spoilers, Kevin pulled a P.Demps by tweeting an on-set photo of Arizona from Season 9. Until then, fans didn’t know if Arizona was alive or not following the Season 8 finale. So, um, good news? But kind of a buzzkill.

Justin Bieber
The obsessively-followed Biebs mysteriously tweeted random phone numbers of real people on Twitter, writing “Call me right now!” Someone did eventually call his real number, informing him of a pending lawsuit from the subsequently harassed owners of his tweeted numbers.

Hayley Williams
The lead singer of Paramore accidentally tweeted a sexy posed photo of herself topless in bed, and deleted it promptly. Not that that stopped various websites from screen-grabbing it for
the Internet to enjoy forever.

Be careful, celebrities!

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