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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did Teresa Giudice Set Up the Reveal of Melissa Gorga’s Alleged Stripper Past?

On this Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, someone from Melissa Gorga’s past confronts her and makes some shocking allegations. Thanks to some sneak peeks and spoilers, we know that the person from Melissa past is Angelo Vrohidis, a former club manager who claims that Melissa stripped for him back in the day.

The reveal of Melissa’s potentially shady past would have been enough — even though she denies ever working as a stripperbut apparently, many of the housewives have reason to believe that Teresa Giudice set Melissa up, purposely arranging for Angelo and Melissa to have an on-camera interaction.

Again, Teresa has denied trying to harm her sister-in-law in any way, and even Angelo is standing by Teresa’s claim that she didn’t set Melissa up to be humiliated at the Posche Fashion Show.

In an exclusive interview with All About the Real Housewives last year, Angelo admitted, “I did not know Teresa at all. Teresa knew nothing about this [his confrontation with Melissa.]”

When she [Teresa] was at the salon getting her hair done, I introduced myself to her, and Kim D was there. I said hello and told her, ‘You know I know your sister in law. She used to work for me.’ And she was very shocked. I never met the girl before in my life. That was my first time.”

Anthony goes on to say that once he told Teresa that Melissa used to work as a stripper, she was very reluctant to believe him. “I don’t want to say too much, but she was very defensive of Melissa and said, ‘Listen, don’t talk about my family like that.’ She didn’t like the fact that I mentioned that Melissa and I worked together. I apologized to her repeatedly and told her that I had no idea she didn’t know. You know, I would assume she would know this about her sister-in-law. But you’ll see what happens when it airs,” Angelo explained.

If Angelo is insisting that Teresa had no idea about Melissa’s past, then why is Joe Gorga still not speaking to his sister? Looks like we’ll have to watch the episode to get the full story!

Do you think Tre wanted to “out” Melissa on purpose? Tell us below!

Source: All About the Real Housewives