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Will Castle Season 5 Bring Love for Martha Rodgers? Susan Sullivan Speculates

So far, we know there's at least one person in the Castle-Rodgers household getting their frisky on in Season 5 — but what about Rick's roommate for life, the lovely and flamboyant Miss Martha?

According to actress Susan Sullivan, love might be in the air for the merlot-drinking matriarch.

"I am hoping so," she dished to TV Fanatic. "In fact I pitched the idea."

So who's the lucky guy? Unfortunately, Martha's high school sweetheart, Chet Palaburn, passed away in Season 3, which means it's time for this eternally youthful senior to find a new prospect. And Susan knows just the one …

"I thought it would be fun, that Martha might have a crush on Beckett's father," she dished. "That would be fun I think, and he [Scott Paulin] is a really nice guy and a good actor."

Yikes! Could you imagine that double date?

What do you think about the idea of Martha and Beckett's dad getting together? Tell us below!

Source: TV Fanatic

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