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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 4 Recap: Tyler Perry and The Smizing Dead

Some people really shouldn’t be caught dead on camera. It’s also a bad idea to be caught dead — or alive — admitting you voted for “mean girl” Kristin Kagay on America's Next Top Model, just based on her pretty blonde looks. Do you stand by your votes now? What a shame real zombies didn’t shuffle onto Cycle 19, Episode 4: “The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says,” just to eat Kristin. But they should leave our girl Victoria Henley alone. Anyone who can get food thrown at her by strangers and turn it into a fun improv experience deserves to live to see another day.

Victoria made a point to announce she would be spending her winning time, from last week’s episode, alone in the Tyra Suite. Stretched out. Thinking about her mom. This may be why she has trouble making friends, but we’ll be her BFFs from afar.

Kiara Belen seems to have a new target every week, and this time she called Kristin “a nasty person” and a “spoiled brat” who may look like America’s sweetheart, but she is not sweet. (Kiara knows from not sweet.) But Kiara’s not alone. No one is terribly fond of B***h Barbie. Destiny got mad because Kristin went rifling through her purse to grab a lighter. For some reason, Kristin went off like a great injustice had been done to her, but it may just be part of her master plan to get girls to slap her so they are immediately sent home. (WORTH IT.)

Maybe we can get Tyler Perry to slap Kristin? No one would dare send him home. Tyra Banks introduced the director as the king of characters. The models had to portray one of four characters — tourist, rapper, street performer or Hollywood diva — and approach people on the street. Tyra told them the more over-the-top the better. The winning girl would get a walk-on role in a Tyler Perry movie. Basically the poor models were forced to embarrass themselves in public as Tyra and Tyler suggested increasingly extreme instructions from their control booth. Victoria, who loves to act and do comedy, unleashed a strange British accent as her “delusional wannabe diva” and got food thrown in her face. But this is Queen Vic so, of course, she loved it. She got on the ground and started screaming “Leave me alone!” If they wanted over-the-top, she was their girl. But Kiara basically played herself as a diva and won for it. Tyra called her performance “Saturday Night Live good.” Maybe the biggest takeaway of the challenge was how Tyra has Us Weekly’s phone number memorized.

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Zombies are so hot right now, but can the undead be fashionable? Of course! In some cases anyway. The models went to Universal Studios to join Johnny Wujek and photographer Ricky Middlesworth to show off their “bad” sides as zombies. But they still had to be fierce and beautiful. Johnny wanted more diversity from Victoria’s shoot. Johnny said Nastasia Scott, who looked AMAZING in her outfit and hair, photographs as short. Laura James was a champ, Johnny said, and that is proven in her phenomenal photo. It stands out right away. Allyssa Vuelma owned her curves, Johnny said, but she was supposed to be intense and menacing, not wanting to sleep with him. Kristin told Johnny and Ricky she can’t show emotion or laugh at their bad jokes. She seems to think she’s creating a Paris Hilton Reality TV Star character, but she is not. Kiara was going for music video elegance, but Johnny wanted more hunger. Johnny also wanted more emotion, not dead eyes, from Destiny Strudwick.

Here’s this week’s order, based on judges’ 1-10 scores and social media scores.

1. Laura — Best photo! Not only that, she had the highest scores ever. She earned it! Rob said just opening her dress gave a new element to the photo. Kelly turned into a comic book with “Ba-baoom! Ba-jeez! Wham!” She loved the shot, calling it “super powerful.” Tyra called it “stunning” but she had no neck in the pic. All the judges gave 9s.

2. Lelia Goldkuhl — Kelly Cutrone loved the photo. Her body position and eyes were awesome. Rob Evans called it a real, strong, powerful shot. Tyra called the shot “stunning.” Kelly gave her a 7. Rob and Tyra gave her 9s.

3. Brittany Brown — Rob liked her use of a vacuum accessory. Kelly really liked her pose. Tyra said the shot made her look like a crazy housewife, but she was supposed to show her bad “zombie” side. Rob gave her a 9. Kelly and Tyra gave her 8s.

4. Allyssa — Kelly said her body and legs could be better. Rob wasn’t getting zombie. Tyra said the camera is in love with her face, but she’s not a zombie, it’s Mary Poppins after a car accident. (Ha!) Bryanboy said the fans want her to use her body more as well. Tyra gave her an 8. Rob and Kelly went with 7s.

Credit: Ricky Middelsworth/Pottle Productions Inc/The CW    

5. Kiara — Rob said she looked like she was more in a music video. Kiara blamed the outfit but Tyra said it’s the models job to change it up. Kelly said it looks like Kiara attacked Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and tried to get her position. Bryanboy said Kiara’s social media scores are slipping down. All the judges gave 6s.

6. Nastasia— Tyra called the shot “crazy amazing.” There’s so much attitude in the micro-movement of her body. Rob said she still comes off as small. She’s 5’9” and Tyra made her prove it. They didn’t believe it, figuring she’s more like 5’8 or so. Kelly went with a score of 6, Rob went with 7. Tyra went for 9. We’re with Tyra this week — Nastasia rules. And her little braids in the house looked really cute this week. So how did she end up below Kiara, even though her scores were higher? Did the fans at home really prefer Kiara’s look? (Update: Thanks, Severin in the comments, for remembering to factor in the challenge scores! Kiara won the Tyler Perry challenge and Nastasia got a low score, so that explains the ranking. Poor Nastasia.)

7. Victoria — Kelly said zombies enjoy carnal behavior and she looks too angelic. Rob agreed that she didn’t look like a zombie. Tyra said she didn’t see it in Victoria’s eyes, which is odd since Vic is such a character actress. Bryanboy quoted a fan who said her pose was like “E.T. phone home.” All the judges gave her 6s.

8. Kristin — Rob said she doesn’t look like a zombie. She’s too “pretty.” (People need to stop using that word for her, they are all pretty!) Kelly said this shot is the weakest thing she’s seen her do. Tyra liked her inhale of breath, but she didn’t look like a model. Rob gave her a 6. Kelly gave a 4. Tyra went for 7. Then Tyra tried to illustrate “ugly pretty,” which was just funny.

Credit: Ricky Middelsworth/Pottle Productions Inc/The CW    

• Destiny — Rob said she looked like she was dying but she’s supposed to already be dead. Kelly was concerned because this was her best photo, but she looks like she’s in a gnarly puppet theater. Tyra said her eyes are far apart, which is good for a model, but when she’s on camera she looks sleepy and doesn’t know how to work with what she has. Rob gave her a 6 but Tyra and Kelly gave 5s.

Yvonne Powless — For some reason, Kelly decided to sing her criticism, saying “You look like you died in a USO show in World War I!” Kelly also sang that Yvonne looked like a stripper more than a zombie. Nice. Rob said, again, that Yvonne didn’t look like a zombie. Tyra said she is a character actress and model but she needs to figure out how to mesh the two. Bryanboy said her social media scores have fallen way down. It really was an awkward shoot. Rob and Kelly gave 5s. Tyra went with a 6.

Destiny. Not too shocking. She had dead eyes and she’s been on the bottom before. But no one goes home this cycle, they are all potential comeback kids. Destiny could return, if her photos were strong enough for fans to vote for her. But it’s too late to try to vote for her now, since it was all down weeks ago. Oh well.

Are you OK with the winner and “loser” this week? Did you exercise your right to vote earlier this summer? If so, do you stand by your votes? If you did not vote, which model do you wish you had voted for?

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Gina Carbone is a contributing writer at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @ginacarbone.

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