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Teen Mom

Are You Upset That Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell May Have Smoked Pot?

Have you heard the news? Our angelic Catelynn Lowell was reportedly photographed smokin' a toke this summer, and the Internet has exploded in a fit of angst and WTFs. Catelynn has always seemed like such a good girl — so why was she taking a bong hit?

Cate's manager won't confirm the validity of the photo (fingers crossed that it was Photoshopped!), but he does make a good point. Like most young adults, Catelynn might not make the best decisions, but one picture of her one night stand with a bong doesn't mean she's a pothead who sits around eating Cheetos all day.

While we're all about hugs not drugs, it isn't uncommon for people Catelynn's age to experiment with marijuana, and for all we know she took a hit and was completely disgusted! Or it wasn't even marijuana at all. Remember when Miley Cyrus's infamous bong incident turned out to be salvia, which is apparently 100 percent legal?

Either way, fans are rightfully distraught that their favorite "good-girl" was photographed in such a compromising position — especially considering that she and her fiance Tyler have drug addicted parents. Are you upset by the news, or do you think this lady should be free to experiment without the whole world passing judgement?

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09.17.2012 / 11:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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