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Bones Season 8 Scoop: How Booth and Brennan Could “Really Destroy” Each Other — Exclusive

Things might seem fine for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) during tonight’s Bones Season 8 premiere, “The Future in the Past,” but don’t be fooled. The storm is brewing — and it’s going to be intensely dramatic, according to the show’s creators.

In Episode 1, the two lovebirds will be so excited to be reunited that they will be little time for anger. But, come Episode 2, resentment will begin to bubble to the surface.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively to executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan at FOX’s Eco-Casino party on September 10, and they teased some potentially heartbreaking developments headed our way.

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When Booth and Brennan are finally reunited, they appear to be so happy. But I hear you’re teasing tension?
Stephen Nathan: I think when people get back together again after being away for three months and he sees his child and the woman that he loves, it’s a wonderful moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to last. They have to go through three months of being separated and all the feelings that that brings up.

Hart Hanson: You know when you love somebody you try very hard not to blow, and then when you do…I think people who love each other are careful because they can really destroy the other person so easily, and especially these two. So they try very hard.

How far can he go without destroying her?
Hart: She can be a very frustrating person. He is much more aware of how frail humans are and how frail she is than she is. She thinks of herself as indestructible and mighty. So imagine his temptation as a human being, to show her she’s not mighty. And that’s what he has to contend with all the time. And when she realizes that’s what he contends with, it means something to her. That’s the dynamic.

Stephen: But also, she’s been away for three months, relying only on herself and when she comes back it’s very difficult to share her life again with Booth. So they both have a lot to deal with.

Are we going to see Booth’s mother?
Stephen: We’re thinking of it.

Hart: We’re hoping. Back half somewhere.

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And are you thinking marriage between Booth and Brennan this season?
Hart: Oh, we would never tell you.

Stephen: At some point it is definitely going to be dealt with.

Anything you can say about baby Christine?
Stephen: We will probably not be on the air when she gets married. But you never know. Other people will be running the show, it will be up to them.

Whose arc are you most excited about this season?
Hart: Booth and Brennan’s. I really like Cam’s this year.

Stephen: All the characters are going through big arcs this season. It’s going to be one where we really fill out the supporting cast and give them all very rich lives and stories of their own.

What can you say about Cam’s love interest?
Hart: It’s someone we know, who has a secret life, and when you find out what that person’s secret life is you go, “Oh! No wonder.”

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