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Why Is Jenelle Evans Pressing Further Charges Against Gary Head?

Ohhhhh, Jenelle. This gal just can't keep away from drama, no matter how many Scentsy-infused bubble baths she takes. Last week, Jenelle broke up and got back together with her hoodie-wearing, pipe-making boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, and this week she's buried dermal-deep in drama with her ex, Gary Head!

Jenelle and Gary broke up after he abused her (he pleaded guilty, by the way!), and Jenelle was successful in getting a no contact order against him. However, it looks like G-Unit just can't stay away from his Ugg-addicted ex.

Here's what went down: Gary decided he was annoyed with Jenelle after she accidentally called him, so he posted her number on twitter for all his followers to see. As you might expect, Jenelle's phone was flooded with people harassing her, and let's just say girlfriend is less than pleased.

"@gary_head thinks its funny to post my number becuz my ass cheek hit the call button last night while I was asleep," Jenelley tweeted before posting Gary's number in revenge.

"Going to the magistrate first thing when I get back to NC next week, he will pay," she continued. "I let him off easy with assault on a female..."

Yikes, looks like Jenelley is busting out her fighting gloves. Watch yo'self, Gary Head!

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