ANTM Cycle 19’s Destiny: Kristin Kagay Is Just a Party Girl Who Likes “To Roll” – Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19’s Destiny: Kristin Kagay Is Just a Party Girl Who Likes “To Roll” – Exclusive

On America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 4: “The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says,”, the endearing Destiny Strudwick was sent home after the judges found her eyes lacking in smize appeal. But not before inciting the biggest fight this Cycle has seen so far.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Destiny opened up about what really went down between her and “B**ch Barbie” Kristin Kagay, what viewers don’t know about Victoria Henley, and the surprising lack of support she’s had from the show (and Tyra Banks) after her elimination.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your immediate reaction to being eliminated?
Destiny Strudwick: I haven’t been asked that one yet. I guess it wasn’t that hard because I was thinking the whole time, I can come back, I can come back, I’m going to do whatever it takes to come back. So I was sad and disappointed in myself, but I was trying to look on the plus side. I was going to be homeless after the show, because my lease was up in Columbus, so I was worried that I wouldn’t have a place to go afterwards. I don’t know, it’s always a constant worry. What’s the next step, yada yada.

Can you tell us your side of the story in terms of the fight with Kristin?
Yes. She was going into my purse for some reason and I was like, “Hey, what are you doing going into my purse?” and she just attacked me and was like, “Chill the f**k out!” And I was like, “Um, excuse me, I’m not mad, you need to calm down.” So she goes downstairs, and I’m like, Okay that’s over, thinking that [it] wasn’t a fight or whatever. And then Leila [Goldkuhl] comes up and she’s like, “What are you guys talking about, are you talking about the fight?” And I was like, “There’s a fight?” And she’s like, “Yeah between you and Kristin!” and I’m like, Whoa! I had no idea she was mad or there was something about to happen or anything. I was like, so chill.

ANTM Cycle 19’s Destiny: Kristin Kagay Is Just a Party Girl Who Likes “To Roll” – Exclusive
Credit: The CW    

So then I go downstairs and I’m like, Well, I’m hungry, I’m going to make some potatoes. So I’m trying to cook and [Kristin is] just glaring at me, giving me dirty looks. So then I was writing a grocery list, and Leila was writing her grocery list on top of mine, and Kristin grabbed it from her and start writing over hers, and I’m like, “Excuse me, that’s my grocery list, I need it back.” And she’s like, “You stupid bitch!” And I was like, “Are you kidding me? Why are you saying that, you look so stupid.” I tried to keep my cool for so long, just flipping my potatoes and staring at her, swearing at me. Just keeping my cool for so long. She just continued yelling. I was like, “Okay, you need to shut up. First of all, if this was anywhere outside of here, this fight wouldn’t be happening, because you just obviously want TV time.” But I tried so many times, I was just over it. But she just kept attacking me. So that’s when I told her about herself.

Do you think it’s fair that viewers were voting for the modelstants before knowing their personalities?
I don’t think that was fair. I don’t think it was fair for us or for viewers really, because everyone’s now regretting voting for [Kristin]. No matter how pretty her face is, having that attitude towards people, or that attitude in general, it definitely makes a pretty face look not attractive. It can ruin someone’s beauty. I told her that, you know, “People are really going to regret voting for you. You are such a beautiful girl, but you’re going to ruin it.” I just feel like Kristin, they probably won’t show this on the show, but she also got off every single photo shoot, complained about it, complained about the entire thing the entire time, didn’t go into anything with a good attitude. She just didn’t want it as bad as the other girls.

For example, the first day we were all in the house, me and Jessie [Rabideau] were talking to Kristin, and me and Jessie were so excited to be there, yada yada, and Jessie looks at Kristin and she says, “So if you win this, what do you want to do with it?” And Kristin’s like, “Well, I like to party, and I like to roll. That’s fun.” And I’m like, Wow. I just stared at her in disbelief. I could not understand. [Note: “Roll” is a slang term for doing ecstasy.]

So she had personal issues?
I mean, I wouldn’t say that’s an issue. I would just say it’s a dumb thing. I’m sure she loves what she does, it’s not an issue for her.

ANTM Cycle 19’s Destiny: Kristin Kagay Is Just a Party Girl Who Likes “To Roll” – Exclusive
Credit: The CW    

Who do you think deserves to win, putting personalities aside?
It’s hard, because I want certain people to win, and I think some people deserve to win. But personal feelings aside, this person isn’t my best friend, but I would honestly say Leila. She just knows how to work everything she’s gotten into.

Will you continue modeling?
Yeah, I have a photo shoot every day this week. I’m really excited about it.

After former ANTM star Jael Strauss appeared on Dr. Phil with a severe drug addiction, ANTM winner CariDee English spoke up about not getting enough support from Tyra and the show after it was over. What’s your experience been like?
Yeah, I’ve gotten every single thing myself. I’ve heard from a producer that was very kind to me throughout the show, and she’ll call and she’ll be like, “I want to do everything to help you. If there’s anything I can do, just let me know. I’ll reference you.” And I’m like, “That’s great, I just feel like there’s so much more that you could possibly be doing.” And Tyra, I haven’t obviously heard from her. Yeah.

What was your opinion of Victoria Henley?
When I met Victoria, I was like, “Oh my god, this girl is the weirdest girl I’ve ever met,” and trust me, I’ve met some pretty weird people. But I kind of envy her, because she is so weird and that’s the way she was raised, but she won’t change. And if you mimic her or if you ask her weird questions, like if she’ll ever have a boyfriend, yada yada, she will tell you her reasons, and explain herself in such a polite manner that I don’t understand how these girls are being so mean to her. I definitely feel bad for her, and I understand, she’s weird, I get that, but it’s how she was raised. But this show is making her look so much more weird than she is. They have a tendency to edit.

What side aren’t we seeing?
She’s a person. She was raised with her mom, she loves her mom. She’s a feminist. She has very strong beliefs, and I respect that. She’s a really weird chick, but I respect that too.

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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