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Booth and Brennan’s Washing Machine Sex in Bones’ Season 8 Premiere: What’d You Think?

We’d read the spoilers from Comic-Con this year, so we knew it was coming. Sometime during Bones Season 8, Booth (David Boreanaz) was going to “put [Brennan (Emily Deschanel)] up on the washing machine and just go at it.” (Thanks for that visual, David Boreanaz. Thanks.)

And sure enough, in tonight’s Season 8 premiere, Booth did just that. It happened in the final few minutes of the episode. Booth and Brennan are happily reunited, and settling back into life in their new home. They start to kiss. Booth — and may we add, shirtless Booth — grabs Brennan and lifts her up on the washing machine.

It’s happening. It’s actually happening. It’s...

Not so fast! Booth’s phone rings. The couple is stopped mid-hook up, and fans didn’t really get to see much of anything at all. Then again, this is Bones we’re talking about. They didn’t show us the baby-making sex. They haven’t shown us really any B&B sex so far. What did you expect would happen — a True Blood-style hookup? Not on this show.

For the record, David told fans at Comic-Con, “Honestly, I think it was done correctly.” Do you agree: Was tonight’s washing machine almost-sex the perfect amount of B&B action, or do you wish it could have lasted just a liiiiiittle bit longer?

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