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Real Housewives of New York

Countess LuAnn: Sonja Morgan Needs to Move on from Her Ex-Husband

Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn de Lesseps knows a thing or two about having to let go. Though she’s apparently happy with her current boyfriend. Jacques, the Countess went through a divorce of her own three years ago when she and Count Alexandre de Lesseps who she has two children with called it quits.

After watching co-star Sonja Morgan’s anxiety over meeting up with her ex-husband, John Morgan, on Season 5, Episode 16: “What Happens in St. Barts Doesn’t Stay in St. Barts,” LuAnn says it’s high time Sonja moves on as well.

In her latest Bravo blog, LuAnn wrote about Sonja’s distress over meeting up with John saying, “Sonja loved her husband and she enjoyed the life they led as a married couple but that is over now and she needs to move on with her life.” Tough love from LuAnn as always!

While she might think Sonja needs to get over it already, LuAnn also wrote that she doesn’t understand why John is making things more difficult for her than they already are.

“I am surprised that her ex is being so difficult with reaching a settlement. Surely it’s better for their daughter that Sonja feel secure financially and that they continue to live in the same house so I’m confused as to why her ex is being so stubborn. I hope that they come to a settlement soon so that Sonja can focus on rebuilding her life,” said LuAnn.

Ramona Singer wrote that she thinks it’s “very obvious” Sonja is still in love with John, and it seems LuAnn might just agree with that assessment.

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