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Jersey Shore

JWOWW’s Boyfriend Roger Sends Her Controversial Chris Brown Threat Over Twitter

If JWOWW’s boyfriend Roger Mathews isn’t careful, he might find himself with a bad reputation. After a scene from the Jersey Shore Season 6 trailer appeared to show him shoving JWOWW’s head out of the way during a fight, he sent her a controversial tweet on September 18.

“@JENNIWOWW Don’t make me go Chris Brown on your ass,” Roger wrote, most likely as a joke. A second later, he tweeted, “..........again.”

The pair not only likes to fight and make up on TV, but they’ve gotten into the habit of tweeting back and forth throughout the day. Most of the time, it’s just cute nonsense. But sometimes it seems like they’re actually fighting.

After JWOWW responded to his earlier tweet that said, “Enough from the peanut gallery. Keep it up and I'll go find me a sugar momma” with “lmao good luck with that,” Roger replied with the Chris Brown tweets.

We’re guessing that Roger was being playful, but do you think his joke is in poor taste? However couples want to goof around is obviously their business, but by tweeting all the time, JWOWW and Roger are making their romantic lives our business, too. Should Roger just leave the Chris Brown jokes alone?

Tell us if you think he went too far in the editorial reaction buttons!

Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: @RogerMathewsNJ, @JENNIWOWW, @RogerMathewsNJ

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