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Jersey Shore

New Mom Snooki’s Biggest Life Changes: From Party Girl to Stable Caretaker

Haters to the left.

When the news first broke that Snooki was pregnant, many thought the Jersey Shore star wouldn't be able to step up to the plate (we were never in doubt about her mothering abilities, however). But she's shown the doubters!

From big life changes to minor good decisions, here are the most notable ways Snooki has re-vamped her life to make room for baby Lorenzo LaValle.

Bye, bye, partying: Snooki put her hard partying lifestyle aside as soon as she got pregnant, and it sounds like she has no intention of going back. Movie nights and family dinners it is! We're sure she'll still throw back a glass of wine now and then (though not until she's done breastfeeding), but don't expect to see her flashing her cooka in da club now that she's a mommy.

Bye, bye, Shore House: Speaking of partying, while Snooki did take part in Jersey Shore Season 6 while pregnant, she lived in her own house next door. The Shore House is definitely not sanitary enough for someone carrying a baby.

Hello, baby-safe manicures: Yep, Snooks traded in her signature "duck bill" nails for a more Lorenzo-friendly style.

Healthy eating continues: Okay, this one isn't just about the baby. Snooki had gone on a healthy eating kick before getting pregnant. We're pleased to hear she's keeping it up. While her weight is her business (and we think she was always cute), having a healthy lifestyle is a plus. Hopefully she can pass on the basics of good nutrition and eating right to Lorenzo.

All she tweets about is Lorenzo! Snooki's Twitter feed is full of adorable messages about her baby and her fiance, Lorenzo LaValle, and it couldn't be cuter.

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Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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