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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Details on “Interesting and Dangerous” Lancelot

The pieces are coming together!

Once Upon a Time Season 2 starts Sunday, September 30, and we already know Teen Wolf hottie Sinqua Walls will bring Lancelot to life. But how will he fit into the already complicated OUAT world?

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We already know Lance has a complicated past with Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) — a past her true love Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) may not know about. We also know Snow/Mary Margaret and her daughter Emma (Jennifer Morrison) will get ejected from Storybrooke very early in the season and try to find their way back home as Charming searches for them.

Episode 3 is reportedly titled “Lady of the Lake,” which is a reference to the Arthurian legend. Since Lancelot was one of the Knights of the Round Table, we’re expecting that to be a big episode for him, perhaps also including other members of King Arthur’s court.

Sinqua talked to TV Fanatic about his character, saying he’s not sure how many episodes he’ll be in — but it will be more than one. So far he knows Lancelot interacts with Snow, Emma, Charming, Emma’s son, Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore), The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), and another new character this season, Mulan (Jamie Chung).

Since Lance interacts with Henry, doesn’t that sound like Henry either heads out of Storybrooke somehow — or that Lancelot heads into Storybrooke? Sinqua doesn’t expand on his potential Storybrooke plotline, but he does add some details to ABC’s description of Lance as “a sword for hire with nothing to lose.”

“There's more character development that comes, naturally,” Sinqua told TVFantatic. “He's a very interesting and dangerous man. He's fun. I think the fans are going to like him but he's definitely a man you'll want to know more about. A sword for hire is a dangerous man.”

He added that he tried to bring Lancelot to life as much as possible. “I really think people are going to pleased with it and impressed with the work that goes on to make Lancelot a memorable character.”

Good! There’s no point joining a cast this big if you’re not going to be memorable.

For more from Sinqua, check out the full interview at TV Fanatic.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres on September 30, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: TV Fanatic

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