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The Bachelor

Tenley Molzahn Fears For Sean Lowe as The Next Bachelor: “His Heart Will Be Taken Advantage Of”

Tenley Molzahn almost got engaged to Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor 14 finale, so maybe it’s not too surprising that she wants ABC’s next Bachelor to just say no to putting a Neil Lane ring on it.

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Tenley, who is still dating her Bachelor Pad 1 partner Kiptyn Locke, talked to Everyday Southernista about the Season 17 Bachelor options. It sounds like she was in favor of race car driver Arie Luyendyk, Jr. getting the gig or, naturally, her good friend and fellow San Diego resident, Roberto Martinez. She actually sounds concerned about the idea that it’s probably going to be Emily Maynard’s third favorite Bachelorette boyfriend, Sean Lowe.

“I thought Arie would have made a great Bachelor, but he just announced it will not be him,” Tenley told the site. “And our buddy Roberto took himself out of the running (so much respect for that man), so it looks like it may be down to Sean. I think he will be a classy guy, but my fear is that his heart will be taken advantage of. I hope they find him some ‘good girls.’ My one piece of advice is, don’t get engaged on the show! Get to know one another outside of cameras and the pressure, it will make a difference in the track record.”

No engagement on the show?! Wouldn’t that be a let down for fans? Yeah, it’s his life, but we have a show to think about! Back in the day, a lot of the Bachelors decided not to get engaged, instead asking their Chosen One to “take a chance” on a relationship outside the show. Sometimes they gave the lady a promise ring, but it always ended up being a promise to break up a few months later. It was frustrating. That said, we do hope ABC found this Bachelor some “good girls,” ‘cause the last thing anyone wants is a repeat of Ben Flajnik’s Season 16.

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Speaking of good boys and girls — and non-engagements — when is Kip-Ten going to get engaged? “Haha, wouldn’t I like to know! ;)” Tenley responded. “It’s up to the man. We talk about it, and obviously we’re heading in that direction or we wouldn’t still be dating two years later. We are enjoying our time, we’re not in a rush. I know we come from the Bachelor Franchise, so people expected a quick engagement, but we’re not doing this for anybody else we’re together for us."

Yes, that’s the way it should be — as long as you find love off The Bachelor or Bachelorette. That’s why we keep saying Bachelor Pad is better at creating lasting couples. The pressure is different. And even though we do keep asking about Tenley and Kiptyn getting engaged, it’s not as expected as it is of The Bachelor/ette. Or do you not care if The Bachelor leads to an actual engagement, as long as there’s a love story?

Read Tenley’s full Q&A for a lot more.

Source: Everyday Southernista