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The X Factor

The Voice Beats The X Factor in Viewers — But Which Audience Is More Engaged?

Fox had huge expectations for the premiere of The X Factor, especially with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on the panel. But with controversy stirring over The Voice’s last-minute change to pit its three-day premiere opposite X Factor, we were a little worried about the show’s sophomore premiere. Simon Cowell told Ellen DeGeneres (and anyone else with a free microphone) that he was pissed about the competitor’s decision. Turns out, he was right to be protective of their time slot. Sort of.

Eleven million people tuned in to watch Wednesday’s finale of America’s Got Talent, and another 10.7 million watched the third episode of The Voice’s season kick-off — instead of The X Factor. Simon’s reality show lost out on a sizeable audience, netting only 8.5 million viewers.

While 8.5 million seems like a pretty big viewership in its own right, consider that last year’s X Factor premiere had a whopping 12 million sitting on the edge of their seats — and that was before they had the super star-studded judging panel!

But it’s not all bad news. Despite its lower viewer numbers, there were 1.4 million comments on The X Factor Twitter and Facebook pages — the most ever for a series premiere! That should make Simon happy, considering it was almost SEVEN TIMES as many social media comments as The Voice premiere got. Seems like a quality over quantity battle — we hope that Fox will see that, even though fewer fans are on the journey this year, the ones on board are definitely all in.

Demi and Britney were brought in to stir up drama and make the show even sexier. So far, they’re doing just that. Who knows what will happen when the taped auditions end and the live shows begin — we’ll certainly be tuning in to find out. Hope to see you there!

Source: BBC News and Mashable

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