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10 Things to Remember From Revenge Season 1 Before the Season 2 Premiere

Listen up, Revengers! The Season 2 premiere of our favorite hit show is only 12 days away and we want to make sure you’re completely prepared for the complex world that is the Hamptons.

The first 22 episodes of Revenge were filled with twists, bandage dresses, and oodles and oodles of drama, so be sure to catch up before the Season 2 premiere.

Not only the basic points like Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke and vice versa, but the darker details that may have been Stowawayed in the back of your revengenda.

Here’s what you’ll need to remember:

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1) Satoshi Takeda Taught Emily Thorne

Around the middle of the season last year we were introduced to an Asian businessman by the name of Satoshi Takeda. This slick-haired sensei trained Emily Thorne in the art of revenge and martial arts. He was the one who actually murdered Tyler on the beach, and has little tolerance for emotional involvement.

He did not approve of Emily’s relationship with Daniel, as he felt it deprived her of her focus. Takeda was also the one to help Fauxmanda flee from the scene of the beach murder. We don’t know what went on between them before the sluttastic stripper returned, but we do know that Takeda will be back (though played by a different actor) in a big way come Season 2.

2) Emily Thorne’s Mother

Originally Emily was under the impression that her mother, Kara Wallace Clarke, was sick and eventually died when the bad-ass blondie was a young tot, but we learned at the very end of Season 1 that Emily’s mother is, in fact, alive (though potentially not well).

She will definitely be returning in Season 2 and her presence will be a driving force in Emily’s vengeance-filled quest.


3) The White-Haired Man Lives!

Considering he was one of Emily’s scariest adversaries, we really hoped Ems would finish off the White-Haired Man in the show’s finale. But staying true to her father’s wishes, she spared his life, thus risking her’s. So the WHM now knows her true identity, has a general idea of her goals, and knows exactly where she lives.

He’s in the perfect position to expose her, but he also owes her a favor for, you know, not choking him to death. But will his allegiance to Americon Initiative be stronger than the debt he owes Emily? Only time will tell.

4) Jack Knows More About the Graysons Than They’d Like

Innocent Jack Porter often finds himself in over his head, but he does know that the Graysons were involved in framing Lee Moran for Tyler’s murder. He gave Daniel the opportunity to expose his parents, but Danny chose to align himself with the Grayson name. To keep Jack quiet, Danny gave him a friendly million-dollar check, but, ever the noble bar owner, Jack returned the check so as not to be indebted to the Graysons.

Nolan warned Jack that this could cause them to silence him for good, but his morals won out. Will Jack try to make his knowledge public? Or will the Graysons get to him first?

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5) Fauxmanda and the Impending Baby of Doom

Speaking of Captain Jack, we believe “congratulations” are in order. At the end of the first season we see Fauxmanda turning a corner with a giant pregnant belly claiming the unborn child belongs to Papa Jack. Before this unfortunate pronouncement, the curly-haired destroyer had been MIA on the Hamptons scene. Pre-baby bump she was last seen climbing into Takeda’s sports car. Is anyone else wondering if Amanda’s baby will come out Asian?

6) Evidence Against Conrad

Apart from David Clarke’s journals, the sole evidence against Conrad and Grayson Global was lost in the plane explosion, or was it? One encrypted file was backed up by Nolan, and the video features evidence surrounding the whereabouts of Emily Thorne’s mother. So far we haven’t seen all of the footage, but in the words of Emily Thorne, “Let it play!”

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7) Mason Treadwell’s Lost Allegiance

As one of the more deliciously evil characters on the show, journalist Mason Treadwell has switched sides many times. He started out as an honest journalist who quickly turned to the dark side when Victoria Grayson paid him handsomely to document the David Clarke trial (as she wanted the world to see it). His book on the event became a bestseller, and things were looking up for him until Emily Thorne burned his house down and framed it on Amanda Clarke. She was able to move the blame back to Victoria Grayson while Mason was covering Daniel’s trial on his blog (The Treadwell Report). Mason is now working against the Graysons, and is still set to appear in Season 2.

8) Emily and Amanda’s Juvy Days

Ever wonder how someone as elegant and classy as Emily Thorne got mixed up with Fauxmanda? Well, the two met in juvy and became fast friends. Warden Stiles was the one who originally convinced the real Amanda Clarke to befriend the girl whose name she’d later steal, and the warden seems to be in on Emily’s revengenda. She could become a guiding force in Season 2 if Ems experiences any problem with her “sister.”

9) Charlotte’s Pill Addiction

The youngest Grayson’s nasty habit of downing pills wasn’t exactly a plot point you’d forget she did pull a Marilyn in the finale but few probably remember the extent to which Charlotte went for the medication. After stealing Jack Porter’s meds, she exchanged sexual favors with her ex-boyfriend Adam Connor, whose father had a conveniently blank prescription notepad, and even had a back-alley drug deal with a wad of cash and a creepy man in a convertible.

We know Charlotte survives, but will she be able to overcome this serious addiction?

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10) Nolan’s Aunt Carole

Toward the end of Season 1, we were introduced to a member of Nolan Ross’s family his Aunt Carole. The former Grayson Global employee faked her own death so that Conrad and Co. wouldn’t come after her for knowing too much, because she’s privy to the details surrounding David Clarke’s trail and even his murder.

Carole also served as a bit of a moral compass for Emily when she was set on killing the White-Haired Man. Could she be the mother figure Ems will desperately need this season?

What do you think of these plot points? Weigh in below!

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