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25 Questions With Revenge’s Gabriel Mann

Tech-savvy Nolan Ross is rarely seen without some sort of gadget in his hands on Revenge, but it was his real-life counterpart, Gabriel Mann, who blew up Twitter this week.

The 40-year-old actor spent hours responding to fan questions on Monday, sharing details about Revenge, his fears, and even Mandy Moore (who he was spotted out with at New York Fashion Week.)

Read on to see what he had to say:

1) @lea_escobar: What do you love most about being Nolan?
@Gabriel_Mann: his unique perspective on the world ;)

2) @ClareRoden98: Is this seasons #Revenge going to be as amazing as the last one?
@Gabriel_Mann: Darker and dirtier if that’s possible..?

3) @Emma_Kitties: Apart from yourself, which other character do you love in #REVEN8E??????X
@Gabriel_Mann: all of them, seriously! And Ems

4) @lea_escobar: I think Josh should join twitter before the premiere.. do you agree?
@Gabriel Mann: I’m working on #NickWechsler..J’s next

5) @hannahrodgers: If you could have Nolan do one thing before the series end what would it be?
@Gabriel_Mann: #Nemily

6) @badango27: If you could play any character on Revenge besides Nolan, who would you play?
@Gabriel_Mann: a cross between Declan and Vic ha!

7) @Amyy_Phil: Is Victoria really that scary in real life?
@Gabriel_Mann: #MadeleineStowe is kind & generous nothing like Vic at all

8) @MeganMurphy1329: If you could take any part of Nolan and put it into your life, what would it be?
@Gabriel_Mann: a ride in the chopper

9) @evancampcom: Any chance the infamous pink whale pants will ever make a reappearance?
@Gabriel_Mann maybe something even better..?

10) @dreamingahead: Will Ems & Padma get along?
@Gabriel_Mann: hmmm..I hope so ;)

11) @BeyTaughtMe: Nolan should run around topless more lol #justsayin
@Gabriel_Mann: you’ll like S2 then lol

12) @KlausisKing: Do you and the character of Nolan share any sort of personality traits?
@Gabriel_Mann: our sense of humor maybe..?

13) @Eva_Gloster: Why did you become an actor?
@Gabriel_Mann: cause I didn’t have the grades for college ;)

14) @DianaCluna_: How is it like working with @EmilyVanCamp ?
@Gabriel_Mann: like having the best actor and friend rolled up in one

15) @varietydelights: What was your least favourite scene to shoot (if there was any)?
@Gabriel_Mann: tied up by Tyler in my house. Ugh

16) @DatzMsMcCordToU: Favorite TV show?
@Gabriel_Mann: Six Feet Under

17) @stacyracy: What is your biggest fear?
@Gabriel_Mann: sharks

18) @IrisDelRio: If you could guest star in any ABC TV show this season, what show will it be?
@Gabriel_Mann: hmm..’shark tank’ lol

19) @PSawyerSchue: If There Was A Body Swap Episode Of Revenge Who Would You Wanna Switch With?
@Gabriel_Mann: #Conrad @HenryCzerny

20) @superawesam: Are you and mandy moore an item? please say yes, you two would be so hot
@Gabriel_Mann: she’s rad and married I believe, but thx

21) @MrSundayFreak: Do you know how to play guitar? Saw a pic ..?
@Gabriel_Mann: Played in ‘Dont Come Knocking’ ‘Cherry Falls’ ‘Josie & PCats’

22) @DaisyESmith: Are you a computer geek in real life?
@Gabriel_Mann: I wish

23) @REALT1MEtracy: Do you ever cringe when the wardrobe department give you the outfits?
@Gabriel_Mann: more like ROTFL

24) @p0tato_life: How long have you been in hollywood?!
@Gabriel_Mann: a decade or so..most of those years spent traveling tho

25) @xlilysalvatorex: Do you watch the vampire diaries, if you do, what do you think about it?
@Gabriel_Mann: Indeed..Joe & Ian r pals o’mine

Did Gabe answer all of your burning questions? If not, what would you ask him? Tell us below — or tweet @Gabriel_Mann! More likely than not, he’ll answer you!

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