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Castle Season 5: [SPOILER]-Themed Episode Packed With Firefly Nods

How's this for shiny news, Castle fans? According to E! Online, Season 5, Episode 7: "The Final Frontier" will be chock-full of references and fan nods to Nathan Fillion's short-lived but beloved sci-fi series, Firefly.

Here's what we know so far about this sure-to-be epic episode:

SpoilerTV reports that a woman named Anabelle Collines is murdered during a science fiction fan convention called SuperNovaCon (um, awesome?) — named after a television show called Nebula 9 (um, even more awesome?).

But seriously, it does get even more awesome. As it turns out, Nebula 9 is basically an homage to Firefly. According to E!, casting is currently underway for Gabriel Winters, an actor who plays Nebula's lead character, Captain Max Richards. (For the non-Browncoats out there, Nathan played Captain Mal Reynolds.)

Whereas Nathan went on to enjoy a successful post-Firefly acting career, Gabriel apparently spirals out of control when Nebula comes to a sudden halt. Could our the jilted out-of-work actor be our sci-fi convention psychopath?

That remains to be seen, as there are a few other suspects in the mix. SpoilerTV reports that weapons specialist/mad scientist named Benjamin is somehow involved, along with a Anabelle's best friend, Audrey, and — of course — her boyfriend, Davis.

What do you think of this nerdtastic episode of Castle? Tell us below!

Source: SpoilerTV, E! Online

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