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Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer: Carole Radiziwill Was “Stoned” in St. Barts

Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill didn’t get into too much trouble during her time with the ladies at St. Barts (though she did insinuate someone was off her meds and made a list of line items a good house guest would follow). According to Ramona Singer, the reason Carole was so uninvolved with the drama was that she was too high to notice!

Reacting to Carole being “judgmental” on Season 5, Episode 16: “What Happens in St. Barts Doesn’t Stay in St. Barts” with regard to Sonja Morgan’s drinking, Ramona wrote in her latest US Weekly blog that it was totally inappropriate for Carole and Heather Thomson to razz on Sonja when they were themselves out for a good time.

“How judgmental is Carole? Discussing how 'wasted' Sonja was as she is throwing back shots herself? She and Heather were getting totally wasted drinking martinis and doing shots in a public restaurant. They were holding each other up when they left the bar. I find it ironic she got smashed on alcohol and yet makes comments about Sonja having drinks in the privacy of a home in a private villa. Who elected Carole the judge and jury?!” she wrote.

Ramona added, “Carole was too stoned in St Barth's to know what was going on and because of this she was unable to be a good hostess and evaluate situations.” She also pointed to this Bravo “Crib” video of Carole admitting that she smokes pot.

Yikes! Guess we finally know what Aviva Drescher meant when she said the St. Barts trip was all about “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”

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Source: US Weekly

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