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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: New Photo Reveals Juicy Details About Emily Thorne’s New Love Interest

Though actress Emily VanCamp likes to keep her personal life private (unless her co-star boyfriend decides to get handsy in public), Emily Thorne’s romances air once a week on ABC. And in Revenge Season 2, Emily has a new love interest Aiden Mathias.

Played by British actor Barry Sloane, we know little about this new character other than he used to be a troubled kid with major issues and he’s a part of Takeda’s “revenge school.”

From the Episode 1 spoiler photos we learned that Aiden and Emily trained together, but a new on-set photo has given us even more insight into the newbie. Today, Revenge production assistant Sonja Wright tweeted this photo saying, “@BarrySloane looking quite dapper on set this morning! #Revenge.”

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Here’s what we learned from the pic:

1) He knows how to work a suit

Until now we’d only seen Barry in a black training outfit, and though he looked perfectly scrumptious in that, it pales in comparison to his three-piece suit. And you don’t like a show set in the Hamptons without drooling a little over formal menswear.

2) He’s in Emily Thorne’s house

We know they met in revenge school, but it seems Ems is already taking Aiden home with her. This on-set shot is clearly inside Ms. Thorne’s beach house. Need proof? Just look at the blue desk behind Aiden. You know, the one where Emily stashes her gun?

3) He’s still present in Episode 6

Though we’re still 12 days away from the show’s premiere, the cast is currently filming Episode 6. So if Barry’s in the shot, that means his character is more than just a one-night stand. Show creator Mike Kelley has already revealed that he’s tabling another important character in favor of focusing on Aiden. We wonder how long he’ll last!

What do you think of Emily’s new love interest? Weigh in below!

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