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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice on Melissa Gorga: “She May Not Have Any Family Loyalty Toward Me, but I Have It Toward Her and I Always Will”

We only have a few days to go before the epic Season 4 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Teresa Giudice is doing some damage control before the conclusion of the Posche Fashion Show airs this Sunday.

Many have speculated that Teresa “set up” her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga by inviting her former boss Angelo to the show (Angelo is claiming Melissa worked for him as a stripper), but Tre insists that is just not true.

In one of her final blogs of the season, Teresa reveals, “The one thing that does still sadden and confuse me is why my cast members, especially my own family, were back then and still are so ready to believe I would ‘set Melissa up.’ First of all, I don't play like that.”

Teresa goes on to compellingly explain that there is no benefit to her “exposing” Melissa. “I have nothing to gain from exposing Melissa. She is my parent's only daughter-in-law, she goes by our family name ‘Gorga.’ Why would I want anything bad out there about a Gorga? She's my only brother's wife, the mother of my godson, and my daughter's godmother. She may not have any family loyalty toward me, but I have it toward her and I always will,” Teresa continues.

Furthermore, Teresa maintains that even if Melissa did strip when she was younger, it’s no big deal! She writes, “The entire scandal is that maybe Melissa danced? I'm sorry, but after all the hype, it doesn't even look like a set-up to me, more like a let-down. I have to say it again: big f---ing deal. Who cares if Melissa danced?”

We have to admit, while the previews may make it look like Teresa had something to do with Angelo and Melissa’s confrontation at the Posche Fashion Show, Tre gives a pretty compelling argument as to why she wouldn’t want to harm Melissa.

Do you believe her, or do you think she’s just trying to cover her ass?