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Blake Lively’s Rep Calls Pregnancy Reports “Completely Untrue”

In a New York Post item, a Gossip Girl crew member claims star Blake Lively seems “to be eating a lot more” since her recent wedding to Ryan Reynolds. What, you’ve never heard of dieting for the dress? The always-svelte Blake is now rumored to be hiding the budding baby everyone is hoping is growing within her. It probably doesn’t help quell the rumor mill that Blake recently told Allure that she wants to have 30 babies...

Lo and behold, Blake’s rep stepped in to shut down the rumors about Blake busting at the seams of motherhood, calling the report of a pregnancy “completely untrue.” Our favorite part of the reasons people believed Blake is preggers? Apparently, girl’s been glowing. Well, duh. She’s a beautiful, statuesque, 25-year-old who just married the guy from the poster on our ceiling — We’d be glowing too!

Source: Us Weekly

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09.20.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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