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Darren Criss Reveals 5 Things to Expect From Blaine in Glee Season 4

It’s Blaine’s (Darren Criss) senior year at McKinley High School this year, and former Warbler-turned-New Directions-lead has got a lot coming up for him on Glee Season 4.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Darren at the Glee Season 4 premiere party, and the Glee star had plenty of teasers about what’s to come for his character the upcoming episodes. From romance to bromance, here’s a taste of what to expect.

1. A new bromance with Sam (Chord Overstreet).

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Expect to see a handful of Blaine bromances, both old and new. “He’s been kind of buddy buddy with Finn [Cory Monteith] last season so I think that’ll continue,” Darren says. “Him and Sam partner up for something in the third episode that’s pretty cool, that’s a major bromance.” We’ve seen on-set photos of Sam and Blaine all dressed up in dapper suits and ties. Our best guess: This might have something to do with Blaine’s big run for senior class president in Episode 3.

2. His Justin Bieber mashup is going to be hilarious.

“I do a really silly mashup with Artie [Kevin McHale],” Darren says. “Blaine and Artie do a mashup of ‘Boys’ by Britney Spears and ‘Boyfriend’ by Justin Bieber. It’s really silly.” FOX has already released a preview of the song, and it includes a behind-the-scenes feature with Darren and Kevin showing off their cheesiest boy band poses. Oh, boy bands...

3. Blaine’s going to become a bit of a meanie.

“I read the first episode and I was like what’s going on?! Tina’s really mean now, Blaine’s really sassy. All these things are happening and I’m like what happened to this nice guy we met in the first season? But in high school people change, man. I don’t know. Come senior year he’s a different person. I don’t know where it’s going but he’s going a little nuts.”

4. Kurt’s absence will be difficult for Blaine to cope with.

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With his boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer) now living in NYC, Blaine will defintiely be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. “It’s tough for anybody when you’re in a relationship with somebody that’s founded upon being in the same place, whether you’re in the same job, same school, whatever,” Darren says. “Once that changes, it gets very difficult because the foundation on which your relationship is built is now shifted. It’s tough for both parties, it’s tough for Blaine.”

5. Blaine gets power-hungry... and goes a little crazy.

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Now that Kurt is gone, Blaine becomes more ambitious in terms of his goals for how he wants to spend his senior year at McKinley. “He does some interesting things, where he starts running for student body president, joins a bunch of clubs,” Darren says.

Sounds normal enough, right? Not so much. “He just goes a little power hungry,” Darren says. “Blaine’s a little more maniacal than he was the past couple of seasons. He used to be this charismatic guy, but now he’s kind of gone off the deep end because Kurt’s gone. So for better or for worse, Blaine’s gone a little crazy.”

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