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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Dirty Secrets Reveals 4 Brand New Pretty Little Liars Mysteries

We’ve enjoyed every episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets, but the most recent webisode was filled with juicy clues about some of the most mysterious Rosewood characters. What new mysteries were introduced?

Shana the New Girl. We already know that Shana (Aeriel Miranda) will become a regular character on Pretty Little Liars for the Season 3 winter season. But we didn’t expect her to be so sassy, and so connected to the Rosewood gang. When Noel (Brant Daugherty) hits on her, she plays along, revealing that she’s from New York, but grew up in South Carolina. As fans will recall, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) had luggage tags from “Hilton Head” in South Carolina in a flashback in Season 1, Episode 12: “Salt Meets Wound.” Spencer (Troian Bellisario) asked her why they said South Carolina, when Alison had told the Liars she was visiting her grandmother in Georgia, and Alison made up a flimsy explanation.

Also, Shana says that a friend of hers had told her all about Noel. Could she be referring to Alison? We thought so, until she called a friend to tell him or her all about the Noel/Garrett (Yani Gellman) argument. One early theory: She’s on the “A” team.

Was Noel with the demented doll? We’ve already had nightmares about the creepy full-size doll costume in the spoiler photos for Pretty Dirty Secrets, so it was scary to finally see her make a silent and unexpected appearance in this webisode. Noel seemed to hear her — or was he with her already? — first, shifting his gaze from Shana to the dressing room. When Shana asked him if he was “with someone,” he replied, “Maybe... Maybe not.” We’ve theorized about who the doll might be, but based on this scene alone, we would guess that it’s Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

Credit: Adam Rose/ABC Family    

Who is calling Garrett’s mom and hanging up? Garrett confronted Noel to ask where Jenna could be found, because he suspected her of calling his mom and hanging up. As we saw in last week’s PDS, an unknown caller was breathing into Garrett’s mom’s answering machine. Adding to the confusion, on Halloween, Spencer tells the Liars that she has no idea where Garrett and his mom are, that his phone has been disconnected, and that it looked like they’d left town. Is “A” threatening Garrett now, too?

Noel has “bigger plans” this Halloween. As Noel tells Shana, he’s taking this Halloween off from his usual bash chez Kahn. Maybe that’s because this year, the annual party is being held on a moving train. But what are Noel’s “bigger plans”? Is he planning to ambush the Liars, or just scare them with roving monster baby costumes? We don’t even know what Noel’s motivation is for hating the Liars anymore, except maybe his leftover hurt feelings from Aria’s rejection, or his protection of Jenna. Who is on Noel’s naughty list this holiday season?

Tell us your theories in the comments below!

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