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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Charlotte Grayson’s Overdose Messed Up Someone’s Plans

We’ve known for some time thanks to actress Christa Allen that Charlotte Grayson survives her drug overdose at the end of Revenge Season 1. Supposedly, the prescription drug addiction will still play a big part in her life come Season 2, but it will affect other characters, too.

In this week’s print issue of TV Guide, show creator Mike Kelley revealed that at the start of Season 2, we’ll attend a disastrous Labor Day party.

“Eight weeks have gone by and you’ll find out how Charlotte’s overdose put a wrench in [someone’s] plans,” he teases.

Who could this mysterious “someone” be?

The obvious answer would be the White-Haired Man and his besties at Americon Initiative. We saw him making some last-minute adjustments to the cargo hold of the plane Victoria was boarding.

Soon after, a reporter announced that Victoria was dead, but could she have been mistaken? The theory of two planes one with Lydia and one with Victoria could really come into play here. For example, if Lydia’s plane exploded and the reporter announced Victoria’s death (since they were supposed to be on the same plane), then Victoria could have been alerted to Charlotte’s overdose and skedaddled before her plane took off.

But that wouldn’t explain the memorial service we saw in the latest Season 2 promo.

According to Mike, we’ll learn the fate of both Charlotte and her mother Victoria Grayson in the show’s premiere. But we’re not sure if that means their actual fate or what the majority of Hamptons residents believe to be true.

Whose plans did Charlotte’s overdose affect? Tell us your theories below!

Source: TV Guide print issue

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