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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Emily Thorne Gathers Intel on Fauxmanda, Engages in a New Love Triangle

At the end of Revenge Season 1, we watched in horror as Amanda Clarke’s uber-pregnant tummy rounded the corner of the Stowaway’s bar, in turn ending all chances of romance between Jack Porter and Emily Thorne or so we thought.

According to new spoilers from this week’s print issue of TV Guide, Jack and Emily are far from over.

“The whole season will gear toward a very dramatic story for Jack, and Emily will be a big part of it,” teased show creator Mike Kelley. “We’re creating another romantic love triangle.”

This time around, the two suitors lusting after Ems will be Jack (obviously) and newcomer Aiden Mathias. She runs into Aiden while she’s training in Japan with her sensai Takeda, and according to TV Guide, “gathering intel on Amanda.”

Before the baby bump, we last saw Fauxmanda hopping into Takeda’s sports car to escape the beach murder scene. We know nothing of what went on or where the martial arts master took the ex-stripper, but last season, Emily revealed to Nolan that she knew Amanda was with Takeda and that she was “secure.”

We have to wonder why Ems would want “intel” on her former juvie BFF. The use of the word “intel” implies that Emily is looking into her sluttastic pseudo-sis in order to fight her. Or maybe she just wants to make sure she can trust Jack’s baby mama.

Amanda did, after all, switch teams to help Tyler at one point. And though she returned to the beach to protect Emily, we have a feeling that Ems doesn’t appreciate disloyalty.

Do you think Emily will fight Amanda? Or is she just making sure she can trust her again? Tell us what you think below!

Source: TV Guide print edition

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