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Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion Drama Revealed: Joe Gorga Explodes, Lauren Manzo Mocks Teresa Giudice, and More!

Housewives reunions are never easy, but we’ve never quite seen all the ladies gang up on one lonely H’wife. Unfortunately, insiders reveal that that’s exactly what is going to happen to Teresa Giudice during the three-part Season 4 Reunion for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

A source spoke to Us Weekly about the upcoming reunion and delivered quite the dish. Clearly, it’s Teresa vs. everyone else.

Although Jacqueline Laurita ditched the Season 3 Reunion last year, Teresa’s former friend comes out with guns blazing this time around. “She confronts Teresa and exposes how she’s always spoken badly about Melissa and Joe,” the source says.

And while Caroline Manzo and Teresa don’t have a major blowout (that we know of) Caroline’s daughter Lauren doesn’t hold back when attacking the cookbook queen.

Apparently doubtful that Tre writes her own blogs, Lauren comes to the reunion armed with flashcards of words used in Teresa’s blog and presses Giudice to define them. “Teresa can’t,” the source reveals.

Yikes! You get points for being clever, Lauren, but that was a bit of a low blow.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the reunion comes from one of the Househusbands: Joe Gorga. The source explains that Joe “has a major blowup with Teresa” and the forever-feuding siblings “don’t resolve their issues.”

Yet even with all of the heat coming her way, Tre is unable to admit any of her own faults. “She’s in denial,” the source states.

Sounds like Teresa has a really rough time at the reunion. Are you surprised that all of the housewives seem to be ganging up on her? Tell us below!

Source: Us Weekly