Top Quotes From The X Factor Auditions on Sept. 19: “I’m Gonna Give You a Little Piece of Panda”
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The X Factor

Top Quotes From The X Factor Auditions on Sept. 19: “I’m Gonna Give You a Little Piece of Panda”

For some people, the best thing about live television is watching the emotions as they happen. While that’s nice and all, what we enjoy most are the uncensored things people say. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane with some jaw-dropping moments from the September 19th episode of The X Factor, shall we?

“If there’s a button visible, you’ve gotta push it.” - CeCe Frey
We don’t even want to touch that one. Which — it turns out — is not how CeCe sees it...

“They came for a show and I’m going to give it to them.” - CeCe Frey
Somewhere in heaven, a stripper angel got its wings.

“I CeCefied it for you.” - CeCe Frey
You know you said that out loud, right?

“Man, I hope she has talent.” - L.A. Reid
This just in: L.A. only now realizes the point of this show.

“You know what I love? You have attitude. And you have style. And you have passion. And you have ambition. And I think you have the X Factor, sweetheart.” - L.A. Reid to CeCe Frey
To which she responded, “Oh God.” Yeah, for once, your words match up with our thoughts.

“Your attitude is awesome... and I kinda have a girl crush on you.” - Demi Lovato to CeCe Frey
Cuuuuute. They could share clothes and everything!

“I want you to know that I was prepared not to like you at all.” - L.A. Reid to Vino Alan
Funny, because Vino looks like he was prepared to kick your ass.

“Do you have any idea how much you’re getting on our nerves?” - L.A. Reid to Deangelo
Man, nah, man. L.A., do you realize that if you changed the word “man” to “dawg” and gained a hundred pounds, you’d annoy us as much as Randy Jackson does? Man?

“If you ask me, I think they worship the devil — all of them. They are devil worshippers.” - Deangelo
Aaand then he got arrested. That’ll teach you to talk smack about Britney... bitch.

“I’m so excited to have seen you perform today.” - Demi Lovato to Tate Stevens
Okay, so there’s nothing inherently funny in her words. It’s only when you see Demi say this with a completely dead expression that it’s amusing. Ya know? Hello? Anybody?

“Because of you, I have a completely different opinion of the talent in Kansas City, my friend.” -L.A. Reid to Tate Stevens
And the nominees for back-handed compliment of the year are...

“When that voice fell out of his mouth — first line — it was a winner.” - L.A. Reid
Clearly L.A. has been in the music business for so long, he has a higher way of thinking about the way sound travels.

“I’ve been deemed a heartthrob, so ya know, you’ve gotta make sure that everything’s right and tight.” - dude from Citizen
We want to root for you — we do — but you’re making it so difficult.

“Very, very easy and it gives me great pleasure to say yes to you.” - L.A. Reid
“I am very excited to say yes to you.” - Demi Lovato
Is it just our minds in the gutter, or would this show be very difficult to understand if you couldn’t see what was going on?

“I was in the hospital yesterday with pneumonia...”
“I’m gonna give you a little piece of Panda.”
“I wore this necklace that says ‘single’ for you, Simon.”
Anybody that can simultaneously use her voice to make us uncomfortable for Simon and delight us with song is okay in our book.

Simon: “Demi’s infectious.”
Demi: “Simon’s just gross.”
That about sums it up.