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Real Housewives of New York

WTF? Real Housewives Star Might Be Liable for Lindsay Lohan Hit-and-Run Case

Here’s a weird one for you: Real Housewives of Miami star Karent Sierra might be liable in Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre hit and run incident in New York City on Tuesday.

How? Apparently the Porsche that LiLo allegedly clipped a pedestrian with used to belong to Karent, until she sold it to artist Domingo Zapata, who was, for some reason, let Lindsay drive his car. According to TMZ, the registration hadn’t been switched from Karent to Domingo yet, so she might be liable.

TMZ explains that New York law holds that the owner of a car that has been in an accident could be held liable for any damage if they gave “express or implied” permission for someone else to drive the car. We’re guessing that Karent probably didn’t give Lindsay express or implied permission to drive the car, but since she gave express permission for Domingo to drive the car, she could possibly be held liable for his decision to hand over the keys to Lindsay.

Of course, this is all up to how a judge will interpret these minor legal details. We’re hoping that Karent isn’t forced to spend any amount of time away from her celebrity dentistry practice to deal to this legal mess.

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Source: TMZ

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