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The X Factor

X Factor 2012 Spoilers: Which Contestant Is Already Tweeting About Being Mentored By Britney?

First, when we heard that Britney Spears was mentoring the 17-24 year olds, it made sense to us. After all, girlfriend has a huge fan base in that demographic and had some of her hottest moments while she was living in that age range (hello, “Slave 4 U”).

Then came the photos leaked from the post-bootcamp judges’ house sessions, which seem to show some pretty obvious shots of Brit-Brit with the 12-16 year old tweenyboppers. That made sense to us, too. Who better than the former Mouseketeer to tell the youngest X Factoids about growing up in the spotlight, singing through puberty, and dating HOT (we’re looking at you, Timberlake).

So which is it? Well, thanks to a little thing called Twitter, we think we can confirm that Britney will be going green with the younger crew. That explains the blue hair streaks she was spotted sporting in photos...

How do we know this? Well, unlike American Idol, which keeps a tight lock on contestant social media, The X Factor seemingly rewards its fans’ social media involvement with more lax guidelines. Today’s spoiler is brought to you by (drumroll please) Diamond White. As we previously revealed, Diamond is on our short list for who we believe will make the Top 16.

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In a tweet responding to a fan saying “@Diamondkwhite You are so lucky to have the opportunity to be on Britney’s team. I hope you can learn a lot from the queen!,” Diamond replied, “yes! I am learning a lot!!! Shes has taught me so much already!” — which sounds a whole lot like a giveaway to us.

Since Diamond is only thirteen, it seems she’s saying that not only is she in the Top 16, she’s also working with the reigning Queen of Pop. Either that or she’s just pulling our leg. We’re pretty sure we get to find out if this little Diamond is brilliant during The X Factor Season 2, Week 2 auditions in Kansas City.

All hail Twitter and the joys of internet sleuthing. Now, where did we put our Bloodhound...

Source: Diamond White on Twitter

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09.20.2012 / 03:43 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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