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Bachelor Pad 3’s Rachel Truehart Still Hasn’t Heard From Nick Peterson: “He Kind of Owes It to Me”

Even if you loved the Nick-tatorship that took over Bachelor Pad 3finally giving us a surprise ending — you really can't blame Rachel Truehart for being miffed. She got an unexpected kick from partner Nick Peterson while she was already down from Michael Stagliano's I'm just not that into you, but I'm REALLY INTO THIS OTHER GIRL.

Rachel told HollywoodLife she hasn't spoken a word to Nick since they taped that dramatic finale. He told reporters on a conference call that he does want to patch things up with Rachel, but he wants things to calm down first. Apparently things are calm enough for Rachel — she's wondering why he hasn't reached out to talk to her.

“It’s been weeks since we’ve filmed and you know I think he kind of owes it to me to talk to me a little bit about it," Rachel told HollywoodLife.

Credit: ABC via WENN    

That said, even if he apologized — which is not likely — she said she probably wouldn't accept it at this point. She says she did consider him a friend, but now she doesn't want him in her life. Except for one last talk.

But if he knows she's not going to accept an apology and doesn't want him in her life, what is he supposed to say during their talk? Perhaps it’s Rachel who wants to say something — like talk to him about those last two episodes of BP3 that led him to change his mind from sharing the $250,000 to keeping it all himself.

Source: HollywoodLife

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