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Castle and Beckett’s Morning After in “After the Storm” — First Look!

Pour yourselves a cup of coffee (or two), Caskett 'shippers, because the excitement is going to keep you up all weekend long! EW has an exclusive first look at Castle and Beckett's morning after in the Castle Season 5 premiere, "After the Storm" — and you won't be able to watch it just once!

It's sweet, it's funny, it's awkward, but most of all, it's real. Beckett emerges from the kitchen clad in Rick's buttondown shirt, her hair is sexy and free, and she's not wearing one ounce of makeup. Castle's beaming like a little kid who just got his first kiss from the prettiest girl in school.

Sadly, there aren't any pancakes in sight, but Beckett does make Castle a cup o' Joe, and we know all about the important symbolism behind that.

Caskett's pillow talk takes a very adult turn when the pair start discussing their intentions — and, presumably, sexual positions. (Rawr, Beckett.) After four years, these two are finally having a real grown-up chat about their relationship — and hallelujah! — they're both on board with it.

So what's an unemployed detective and ruggedly handsome mystery writer to do with their day, now that they're coupled up and in love? We think you know the answer to this one … except this is Castle, and unwanted interruptions are show creator Andrew Marlowe's forte. Just when Beckett's about to go in for a kiss, we hear a familiar voice ring out: "Richard, I'm home!"

Busted, you guys!

Watch the clip here on EW and then tell us thought your thoughts below. Was the opening scene of Castle and Beckett's morning after everything you hoped for and more?

Source: EW

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09.21.2012 / 07:29 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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