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Jersey Shore

Does Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Want a Baby?

One half of Jersey Shore's best gal-pal duo has already welcomed a mini-meatball into the world. But will JWOWW be following in Snooki's footsteps any time soon?

Like Snooki, JWOWW has been dating her regular-guy boyfriend, Roger Mathews, for several years, and despite their ups and downs (many of which have been caught on camera), they seem committed to each other. So, could that mean a baby is on the way, soon?

Maybe. We spoke to JWOWW and Roger in July, and JWOWW said that she hopes a baby is in the future for her and her man — but they're "not there yet." Roger added that the couple wants to do things "in the right progressive order."

JWOWW agreed, saying that she'd "personally like to get engaged, married, experience that life, and then kids." But that doesn't mean she's content to wait it out forever: She said she wants a kid by 30.

Is that doable? Why not! In July, Roger hinted that he's planning to propose "soon," and there have been rumors that the pair is already secretly engaged (though JWOWW has denied them). Plus, Roger recently tweeted a joke about he and JWOWW having a kid, which means it's definitely on his mind, too.

It sounds like a baby isn't in the works quite yet, but if all goes as planned for JWOWW, then she and Roger will have a little meatball of their own one day.

Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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