Grey’s Anatomy Romance: The Many Women of Alex Karev
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Romance: The Many Women of Alex Karev

He might not have the best hair or the best abs, and he might not have a sexy “Mc” nickname, but Grey's Anatomy’s Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has always been a ladies man … and a bit of a man whore.

From the days when he hit on everyone to the time he cheated on Izzie (Katherine Heigl), Alex has proven over and over again why he is a perpetual bachelor. However, none of this is to say that he’s a bad guy. Sure, he has his flaws, but underneath his tough exterior, there’s a very sweet side to our favorite jackass. Let us all remember: Izzie left him. But then again, he did get her fired.

Regardless, all of that is coming to a head (and then an end) in Season 9 as we’ve learned that Alex will embark on a number of new sexcapades before finally finding the love of his life. To honor this occasion, we’re taking a look back at the women of Alex’s past, or at least the women that we actually met.

Nurse Olivia (Sarah Utterback): Also known as the woman who Alex cheated on Izzie with and then gave syphilis. Who says chivalry is dead?

Addison (Kate Walsh): Their time in the on-call room might not have been particularly meaningful, but if you think about it, they were kind of the perfect match.

Callie (Sara Ramirez): Nobody knew about the Callie-Alex hook-up until WAY after it happened, but apparently the pair got it on in, like, Season 2, before Callie was George’s (T.R. Knight) Mrs. and way before she was a sexy attending with a killer singing voice and a thing for women.

Jane Doe/Eva/Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser): Everyone remembers Jane Doe. Alex saved her from the ferry crash and was her only friend when she lost her memory and had to have her entire face reconstructed. They seemed like an adorable couple up until she got her memory back and remembered that she’s a little (or a lot) crazy. Her mental struggles brought up childhood issues for Alex … as did her suicide attempt (which sent him crying into Izzie’s arms).

Lexie (Chyler Leigh): Lexie and Alex just kind of stumbled into each other. They started as friends with benefits (if you can call them friends), but after reuniting in Season 6, they got a little more serious. When Alex was shot, Lexie professed her love, but it turns out that she didn’t mean it. And he spent the whole day thinking she was Izzie. Needless to say, they didn’t last much longer.

Izzie: How do we describe this rollercoaster? Here goes nothing: After Alex didn’t kiss Izzie on the first date, he lost hit shot. Then, she gave him a second shot, which he blew when he cheated on her with Olivia. THEN they both got tangled up in other people for a couple of seasons before they got together for realz in Season 5. And by for realz, we mean married. But after Izzie (sort of) beat cancer, and Alex got her fired, she left him. THEN she came back, and he told her that if she was going to leave, she needed to stay away. That was the last we saw of Izzie. Whew, we’re glad that’s over.

Reed (Nora Zehetner): We know they were never actually a thing, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on Reed’s part. Quite frankly, we had to include Reed because Alex cried in front of her, which is like proposing in Alexland.

Lucy (Rachael Taylor): His most recent dating adventure, Alex gave it a go with the hospital’s newest hot blonde. But when she decided to manipulate him into snitching on Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) — think clinical trial — and then proceeded to steal his Africa fellowship, let’s just say that it put a damper on the relationship.

That one patient in the bathroom at Joe’s (Roxanne Hart): We all remember the moment when the lung-cancer-patient-turned-cougar invited Alex to the bathroom at Joe’s … and he accepted. Classy move, Karev. Real classy.

[Insert hot blonde(s) here]: How many more women will Alex add to this list before he finally settles down? And what do you guys expect from the woman who finally makes him happy? Blonde? Big boobs? Or the exact opposite?

If we’ve learned anything from this trip down memory lane, it’s that Alex definitely has a type: women. Oh, and he prefers that they have, you know, two X chromosomes.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 will premiere on Thursday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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