Is Snooki Rich? The Jersey Shore Star Says….
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Jersey Shore

Is Snooki Rich? The Jersey Shore Star Says….

Jersey Shore's most recognizable star, Snooki, pulls in a hefty paycheck for her role as ridiculous-quote-generator and drama-maker on the reality hit.

The self-proclaimed meatball reportedly made $150,000 per episode for Season 6 (which would come out to about $1,950,000 for the season, depending on the number of episodes). On top of her reality moolah, Snooks has also spun her name into a massive brand, selling everything from novels to perfume (not to mention the between $250 and $300k she got for selling the first pics of her new baby, Lorenzo LaValle). CelebrityNetWorth estimates her overall worth at $4 million.

But does that mean she's rich? The obvious answer is "yes, duh," but Snooki doesn't agree.

Recently, Snooki tweeted about her prowess as a couponer. When one Twitter denizen questioned why someone as "rich" as Snooks would need to use coupons, she tweeted back, "I'm not rich," adding "everyone needs coupons. I'm a cheap bastard."

We're all for saving those extra pennies at every turn, but is it ridiculous for Snooki to call herself "not rich"? She has a lot of money. That's hard to deny.

But what does appear to be true is that Snooki doesn't spend like a rich person. She currently lives with her fiance Jionni LaValle in his parents' house. Despite rumors to the contrary Snooki hasn't hired a maid to take care of her child; so far, it appears the only babysitters she's relied on are Lorzenzo's grandparents. She still loves to bargain shop.

It seems like Snooki is saving a lot of her money, perhaps for Lorenzo and and any of his future siblings (she does want four kids). So what do you think: Is it crazy for Snooki to say she's not rich, or is it a fair statement about the way she lives her life?

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Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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