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True Blood

Nelsan Ellis on His True Blood Wardrobe: “Lafayette Is Not Doing Full Drag!”

True Blood’s Lafayette Reynolds has had some interesting outfits over the show’s five seasons, but there’s one thing Nelsan Ellis refuses to wear: a dress.

“Lafayette is not doing full drag!” Nelsan exclaimed to Windy City Times, admitting that the only time he refused a costume was when they tried to put him in a dress.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy playing up his feminine side.

“I modeled [Lafayette] after my mother ... [she] did the head thing and the hand movements,” Nelsan spilled. “I can mix my mother's femininity with me and it comes off as real. I have been watching her move all of my life.”

And in addition to Nelsan loving his character — wacky outfits and all — there’s another reason he’s excited about going to work every day: He gets to hang out with one of his best friends!

Nelsan and co-star Rutina Wesley both attended Juilliard, and remained close after graduation. When they both auditioned for True Blood, his gal pal didn’t initially get the part of Tara, but he dished the lucky story of how they ended up together.

“Rutina was in a play in New York and couldn't fly for the audition to meet Alan Ball, so the part went to the other woman,” he recalled. “When she was able to come to meet him, she then got the part; this was after the pilot was shot. She called me and said, ‘We are going to be working together, motherf—ker!’”

And soon enough, Nelsan, Rutina, and the rest of the True Blood gang will be back in action.

“We start after Anna Paquin drops her babies. We are at the mercy of her womb,” Nelsan dished about Season 6 filming. And maybe Lafayette’s magic transferred to him, because the interviewer noted that Anna had twins the day after their chat!

What do you think of Lafayette’s outfits? Would you like to see him in drag? Weigh in below!

Source: Windy City Times

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