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Top 3 Sexiest Booth and Brennan Moments of Bones Season 8, Episode 1

It took them over six seasons, but BonesBooth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are now officially a couple. That means they’ve finally started to kiss. They’ve started to hug. And, not that we actually get to see it on screen or anything, but we’re fairly certain that they’re totally having sex. (Hey, baby Christine didn’t magically appear out of thin air).

After three long months apart, Booth and Brennan were finally reunited in Monday’s Bones Season 8 premiere. The lovebirds were happy to see each other — and feeling plenty frisky, too. Here are their top 3 sexiest moments from Season 8, Episode 1:

1. Their rough-and-tumble hotel reunion.

Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX © 2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

The setting: a seedy motel in Pelant’s hometown. Brennan has no idea that Booth has followed her there. She opens the door and sees only an unknown figure waiting for her. She flips him onto the ground. They roll around on the flow. Now he’s on top, pinning her to the ground. He lifts his hand to punch her. “Bones?” “Booth! I knew you’d come.” Commence epic makeout scene.

2. That sweet kiss at the victory party.

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The team has finally captured Pelant and brought him to justice — at least, so they think — and they’ve gathered together in celebration. Caroline announces that Brennan can resume her job at the Jeffersonian. Booth tells Angela, “Thank you for getting my family back.” Booth and Brennan hug. Their noses touch. And then they kiss. It’s sweet, simple, and absolutely perfect.

It’s near the end of the episode. Booth is back at home doing laundry. Brennan walks in, fresh out of the shower. She apologizes to Booth for taking Christine, even though they both agree that rationally, it was the best choice. He backs her up against the washing machine and starts kissing her. She pulls off his shirt. He lifts her up onto the machine.

Guys: Brennan and a shirtless Booth are making out on top of a washing machine. They’re laughing. Smiling. Then Booth’s phone starts to ring. “Hold on.” He answers it. She protests, “No, Booth...”

Wow, Pelant. Way to cockblock what was no doubt going to be the greatest Booth and Brennan hookup in Bones history. As if it was even possible for us to hate you any more than we already did.

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