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5 Things We Learned From Castle’s First Season 5 Promo

Last night, the ABC gods bestowed upon us the very first Castle Season 5 promo — and all we have to say is yowza! Castle and Beckett in bed together? Check. Gunfire and explosions? Check. Johanna Beckett's murder? Check.

Seriously, you guys, so many feelings.

Although we're still in the dark about much of Season 5, we are able to draw some conclusions about what to expect based on this 21-second clip of Caskett goodness.

Read on for five key facts we learned from Castle's first official Season 5 promo!

1. Castle and Beckett Are Sexually Compatible

We'll file this one under "Duh!" But honestly, you never know. Even with two people as head-over-heels in love as Castle and Beckett, the first time can be awkward. Thankfully, Caskett's inaugural roll in the hay seems to have been a success.

"So you liked it?" Beckett asks, clad in Rick's oversized button-down shirt.

"Yeah," Castle replies immediately.

"Me too," Beckett says, averting her eyes coyly.


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2. It Wasn't a Dream!

We've been gunning for a legitimate Caskett hookup ever since Beckett flashed her badge in Castle's direction in the series premiere. And finally, after four long seasons, we got our wish. We're skeptics at heart, though, and the possibility that this whole thing was just a figment of Rick's imagination has crossed our minds more than once.

But thanks to the promo, our fears have been laid to rest. "So it wasn't a dream," Castle says, sitting up in bed with nothing but a sheet over his bare chest.

More like a dream come true!

3. Cole Maddox and The Dragon Still Want Beckett Dead

In the Season 4 finale, Cole Maddox vowed to put Beckett in the ground once and for all. Unfortunately, it seems like that's a promise he intends to keep.

About 10 seconds in, Kate says ominously, "They're coming for me." Although we can't be 100 percent positive she's referring to the masterminds behind the conspiracy of her mother's murder, our gut instincts tell us they're still in hot pursuit. Could they be behind the big explosion around the 12-second mark?

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4. Castle and Beckett Find Montgomery's Files?

About 8 seconds in, we see Castle piecing together some torn-up scraps of paper. We can't be sure, but they could be part of Montgomery's files. Did Castle and Beckett find them in that secret vault inside the unmarked NYPD folder? Did they get blown up in the explosion? And where the heck is Mr. Smith? So many questions, so many emotions.

5. "This Is So Much Bigger Than You Realize"

Remember when the late Gary McCallister warned Beckett, "This is so much bigger than you realize"? We're starting to get a sense for just how far up the political ladder this conspiracy climbs.

In the promo, we see Beckett running full speed ahead away from Senator Bracken's campaign rally. Word on the street is that this well-liked congressman has major beef with Beckett. Could he be involved in the coverup of Johanna Beckett's murder? Our Spidey senses are definitely tingling.

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