Melissa Gorga Has Proof That Teresa Giudice Set Her Up!
Credit: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo    
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga Has Proof That Teresa Giudice Set Her Up!

Teresa Giudice has been steadfastly denying that she “set up” Melissa Gorga by inviting her former boss Angelo to the Posche Fashion Show and then instructing him to confront Melissa, but now — in a new interview with Us Weekly — Melissa is claiming that there is proof that Tre did, in fact, set her up.

According to Melissa, Angelo, apparently forgetting that he was miked, admits to trying to make her look bad. Melissa tells the mag, “You hear it loud and clear! I guess he’s not used to wearing a microphone. Even if the cameras are not on you, they still pick up what you say. He was hysterically laughing about embarrassing me. The writing is on the wall.”

But thats not all. Melissa also claims that she has proof that Teresa has been after her for years!

She continues, “Even Caroline and Jacqueline later admitted to me that in the past, Teresa had tried to get them to call me out and say I was a stripper. But they wouldn’t.”

Those are some pretty serious allegations Melissa is making, and we honestly don’t know who to believe anymore. Whose side are you on? Vote below!

Source: Us Weekly