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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga Slams Teresa Giudice’s Many Faces: “This Is the Worst Acting I Have Ever Seen”

Now that Melissa Gorga is “officially done” with Teresa Giudice, she’s no longer holding back when it comes to criticizing her sister-in-law. Although we have yet to see the conclusion of the Posche Fashion Show, we know that it doesn’t end well.

On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Teresa leave the room when Melissa’s former boss Angelo started talking about Mel’s stripper past, but in her blog from this week Melissa is calling bullshit.

She writes, “What I love most about this scene is Teresa looks like she has stood in front of a mirror and practiced what face she was going to make for the last two weeks. For a second she actually looks confused, I think she forgot which face she was going to use, then in typical Teresa ‘ah ha’ fashion she remembered and went with it. Pretty good, pretty good. But your family knows you all too well, sister.”

But wait, Melissa doesn’t stop there!

“Watching the episode at this point I'm now chuckling. Are they serious? This is the worst acting I have ever seen. All of them need to stay on reality TV forever!,” she continues.

Yikes! It looks like Melissa really is done with Teresa.

Do you think Teresa was acting when she first met Angelo on last week’s episode? Vote below!