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Jersey Shore

Snooki Heads Back to Gym 4 Weeks After Giving Birth – But Is It Safe?

Four weeks after giving birth, Snooki is back to her pre-baby gym-going ways.

The new mom recently announced that she was back at the gym on Saturday (September 22) after a hater rudely called her a “fat pig.”

Exactly why I'm at the gym right now lol,” Snooki responded. Adding that she was doing a post-baby workout.

But is it really safe for Snooki to be working out so soon after giving birth? The Jersey Shore star said that she had to wait six weeks after giving birth before she could go back to her hardcore workouts. (Most new moms are told they have to wait six weeks before doing any hard labor because their bodies are still recovering.)

However, it sounds like Snooki’s post-baby workout routine is pretty low-key. Shortly before her tweet, the petite star said that she “couldn’t wait wait to start walking again” and that she was “workout deprived.” Judging from her tweets, it sounds like Snooki’s workouts mostly involve walking.

We’ve already noticed that Snooki has lost a lot of weight since she first gave birth, which she credits to breastfeeding her new baby Lorenzo LaValle. Maybe the star hopes that easing into her workout routine will help her get back to her goal weight.

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