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Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: Emily VanCamp Talks “Insane Chemistry” Between Ems and Aiden, Reveals Details on Her First Encounter With Her Mother (VIDEO)

Despite Revenge not getting acknowledged at this year’s Emmy Awards (which we’re still protesting), actress Emily VanCamp attended the ceremony to present two awards last night. Not only does that mean that we got to see Ems all dolled up, but we also got to hear some spoilerific details about Season 2 from the red carpet interviews!

When the gorgeous gal spoke with TVLine, she revealed some extra juicy details on what’s in store this fall. First off, Emily’s new “adult” relationship with revenge school pal, Aiden Mathis.

“There’s this insane chemistry between these two,” she said. “He’s just as much of a fighter as she is, and he’s on his own revenge path. He’s the first person who can stand up to her.”

Hmm, insane chemistry you say? We could definitely get into that!

And what about Em’s quest to find her mother this season? Will the two ever meet up outside of flashback mode?

Jennifer Jason Leigh is unbelieveable,” Emily revealed. “I’ve had my first few scenes with her. They couldn’t have picked a more incredible woman to play my mom.”

Since the show is currently filming Episode 6, that means Emily Thorne has at least encountered her mother by this point. We already know from newly released photos that Jennifer Jason Leigh (aka Kara Wallace Clarke) will appear in Episode 1 in a flashback, but now it seems the disturbed mother will be around in present day, as well.

What are you more excited for: Emily’s relationship with Aiden or Emily’s relationship with her mother? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine

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