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Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 4 Finale Recap: Everyone Hates Teresa Giudice!

It’s time for the kind of shenanigans only The Real Housewives of New Jersey can dish out, so let's get down to it!

When we last saw our Franklin Lakers, they had just sat down to dinner at Kim D's Posche Fashion Show, which is historically famous for some serious Jersey brawls. Last week, we met Angelo, a salon manager who used to run a gentleman's club back in the day. As luck would have it, Melissa Gorga used to be one of his best employees or so he says. Small world, huh? When Angelo revealed this tidbit to Teresa Giudice, she politely asked him to shut the hell up. But later that night, he approached the women's table and greeted Melissa face to face, while she pulled the old "I know him, but I can't place him" trick.

This week, we pick up where we left off. Teresa could have just let things go, but she pulls Melissa into the bathroom to ask her who the bald guy was, even though she obviously knows. After giving Melissa a chance to come clean and shoving her hand down the front of her dress to feel her pounding heart, Teresa tells Melissa that baldie claimed she was a dancer at his club. Of course Melissa denies all and clarifies to us at home that the place was actually a "bikini bar," where the bartenders get $100 bills for serving a drink. Bottom line, she swears on multiple lives that she has never ever danced, but she does admit to bartending for the guy for a week.

Out in the party, we overhear Angelo telling someone that Teresa and Kim D. actually had him do this stunt on purpose to out Melissa and shut down her "holier than thou" attitude. Wha-what!? Meanwhile, Melissa gets mad at Teresa for even entertaining the idea that it might be true and calls her husband to come defend her honor. So Teresa runs off to find Angelo and confront him before her brother does.

Back at the Housewives' table, the women start to wonder where the hell Tre and Melissa are, while Jacqueline Laurita is receiving texts from an unnamed mutual friend, detailing the whole debacle that's currently going on. Kathy Wakile starts to pick up that something is going on and feels like everyone's in on it but her. She decides she'd like to keep it that way, play dumb, and eat her salad. Smart girl.

Credit: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo    

Teresa continues to search for the bald guy, until Kim D. informs her that he took off. So then Teresa goes back to her table and brings everyone up to date on the situation. Melissa comes back and it seems to be done with ... until Caroline Manzo decides to show Melissa the text that Jacqueline got insinuating that this was an intentional setup to target Melissa. And just like that ... it's the world against Teresa again.

And guess who just crashed the party? Joe Gorga shows up ready to bash some bald heads, with Richie as backup. When they can't find Angelo, they have another bald guy text him, while Melissa bitches out Teresa for setting her up. Teresa, in turn, denies the accusation and bitches out Melissa for not revealing who told her that. Then Joe Gorga bitches out Kim D. for being Kim D., and points out that she can't even talk because she's so drunk and high. He then tells her to go sniff another line, and calls her a dirty bottom and a stinkin' prostitute (he may have used different words).

Next, Joe finds out that his sister supposedly had as much to do with this setup as Kim D. Just as he and Melissa get in the car to leave, the woman of the hour herself comes out to confront Jacqueline. After some back and forth, Teresa suggests that she's the one being set up and maybe Jacqueline's involved, while Caroline's shaking her head in the background. Incidentally, both Joe and Jacqueline declare they are done with Teresa.

As Joe and Melissa start driving off, we hear Melissa whispering to Joe to roll down his window and yell "shame on you" at Teresa. Just do it, she urges. Hm, that's a bit ... weird and controlling. Anyway, he obeys and starts screaming crap at his sister, until the cops show up and they drive away. Likewise, Caroline and Lauren flee the scene, taking Jacqueline with them.

Back inside, Teresa tells Kim D. and company about the supposed setup, and the women respond by continuing to insist that Melissa was a dancer. Teresa walks away again. Either she's being sincere or she's one helluva actress.

Jump to last year's reunion, which was taped 12 hours after this finale was filmed, and now we know why Jacqueline refused to show up. Luckily, all the women will be present for the Season 4 Reunion ... let the destructive fun begin.

In the meantime, here are the final updates of the night. Caroline hasn't spoken to Teresa since the reunion; Lauren lost mad weight and her Cafface business is doing well; Albie and Lindsay broke up. Kathy's cannoli kits are a big hit, and she's also in touch with Teresa via texts; Victoria opted to stay in Jersey with her big-ass room and closet. Melissa's song hit #4 on iTunes, and her and Joe sold their house to get away from Teresa. Jacqueline, who hasn't spoken to Teresa since the Posche show, is focusing on raising her kids and enjoying her improved long-d relationship with Ashlee.

Last but not least, Teresa wrote another bestseller, while her hubby awaits trial, and she has also not spoken to her bro since the fashion show. So much for therapy.