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3 Clues That Indicate Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross Could Be Related on Revenge

If actor Gabriel Mann was in charge of Revenge’s storyline, Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross would be headed to the South Fork Inn any day now. In a romantic hookup he calls “Nemily,” the revenge queen and her sexy sidekick would finally realize that they are meant to be.

Unfortunately for the Nolster, Gabe is the only one who entertains that fantasy. Actress Emily VanCamp has openly admitted that she interacts with the character of Nolan as if he were her brother.

And show creator Mike Kelley admits he’s thought of potentially revealing that the two related in the future.

Though a Nemily hookup would be glorious, all signs point toward Emily and Nolan being related. Here are the three biggest clues:

1) David Clarke Backed Nolan’s Company

Today Nolan is a multi-billionaire with more money than all of the Hamptonites combined. But back in the day, he was just a nerdy genius with a vision that no one would invest in. Emily’s father, David Clarke, was the only one to take a chance on this techie, and it ended up paying off big time. But could he have taken a chance on Nolan because the blond babe was his own relative?

2) Nolan’s Constantly Protecting Ems and Vice Versa

Em’s sexy sidekick maintains that he “looks out” for the martial arts master because he promised her father he would. But maybe David Clarke told Nolan of his direct relation to Ems and that’s what bonds them together. Similarly, Emily can’t help but protect Nolan even if it means putting herself and her plan in danger. Could she feel the family ties, too?

3) Nolan Never Tries to Hook Up With Ems, But Does Try to Set Her Up With Jack

Though he comes off as pretty dorky at first, Nolan Ross turned into one of the sexiest characters on Revenge. He hooks up with Tyler and seems to hit on Ashley, so why hasn’t he batted his handsome eyelashes at his bestie yet? He also seems pretty hell-bent on hooking up Jack and Emily. Could it be that incest isn’t big on Mr. Ross’s list?

Are you convinced yet? Could Nolan and Emily be related? Weigh in with your theories below!

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09.25.2012 / 02:18 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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