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Pretty Little Liars

Do the Pretty Little Liars Writers Regret Making Toby Part of the “A” Team?

The Pretty Little Liars writers turned our TV world upside down when they revealed that Toby (Keegan Allen) is part of the "A" team on Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer.” It was a bold move that left everyone shocked.

However, not every fan found the shock fun, and many are upset about Toby's new role on the show. Do the writers every regret their choice to turn one of Rosewood's most heroic characters into one of its most questionable?

Not according to writer Bryan Holdman! When a fan asked Bryan, "Do you as a writer realise how many people you've upset by putting Toby on the A team?" Byran replied simply, "No regrets."

We're glad to hear Bryan (and presumably the other writers) are sticking to their guns. While we're sad Toby isn't the nice, honest guy we thought he was, we appreciate writers who take risks and make tough choices to make their stories more interesting.

Are you happy with this twist, or are you starting to wish the writers had gone in a different direction?

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