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Jersey Shore

How Is Snooki Dropping Her Baby Weight So Quickly? (PHOTO)

New mom Snooki recently posted this pic of herself out with friends, and the world quickly noted that the Jersey Shore star looks impressively skinny for someone who just gave birth a month ago. If we hadn't been following baby Lorenzo LaValle's every move, we would never be able to guess that Snooks has an infant at home.

So, how did she drop the weight so quickly? The good old fashioned way: Diet, exercise, and breast feeding!

Snooki is all about the breast pump, which helped her quickly drop some initial pounds — apparently she gained 35 pounds during the pregnancy, but shed a whopping 10 within the first week. She's also sticking with a healthy meal plan chock full of low-fat foods like chicken breasts and spinach.

Perhaps most impressively of all, the new mom has already dragged her butt back to the gym, starting her post-pregnancy workout plan just four weeks after giving birth. Some people question whether starting exercise so soon is healthy, but it sounds like she might be sticking to low-key exercises like walking for now.

Is anyone else a bit jealous of how quickly Snooki has bounced back into shape?

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Source: Instagram

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