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Marley and Jake’s Romance on Glee Season 4: Melissa Benoist Teases “Crazy Things” to Come — Exclusive

As soon as we heard Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake (Jacob Artist) sing their duet of Aerosmith's "Crazy" and Britney Spears's "(You Drive Me) Crazy" during Glee Season 4, Episode 2, there was no doubt in our minds. These two are crazy perfect together.

She’s the shy, unassuming girl just waiting for someone to help her break out of her shell. He’s the damaged, angry rebel in desperate need of someone to show him how much they really care. We could see their story playing out in our minds already — until Kitty (Becca Tobin) came long.

We’re not sure why Kitty even wants to date Jake. Wouldn’t one of those burly new football jocks be more her style? In any case, Jake and the new Cheerio are officially an item — but that doesn’t mean we have to give up hope on Jarley for good.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with actress Melissa Benoist at the Glee Season 4 premiere, and she told us there are some “crazy things” in store with the Jake-Kitty-Marley love triangle. You’ll never know exactly what to expect.

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Now that Jake and Kitty are dating, Marley’s found herself caught in a love triangle. What can we expect there?
You'll definitely be seeing some crazy things, it’s really funny, I think to keep people on edge.

I was asking your co‑star why Kitty should be with Jake, but why should Marley be with Jake?
Because it's always so exciting when the good girl comes out on top.

Right! Can she fight dirty? Can she fight Kitty?
We'll see. I think she has the potential. I think she has it inside her.

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Chord Overstreet (Sam) was gushing about how wonderful and quirky and amazing and lovely you are. It seems you’ve gotten to know these people a little bit better at this point?
We've definitely spent some time together. And I'm getting to know Chord. I'm having so much fun being around him as well. He's really great.

The scene that you two had together in the first episode, is that an indicator of what's to come? Is there going to be a deeper connection between the two of them?
You know what? At this point, Marley's just getting to know everyone in the New Directions. I mean maybe it could be a free for all. Who knows? There's always drama.

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